In this post, we are going to discover the world of custom guitar parts. The first thing that comes up in mind for that matter, is “Warmoth”. So, what is Warmoth Guitars? What exactly is their field of interest? And is it for you? All this we're going to discuss here and more. Follow along.

A beautiful guitar can be a work of art and Warmoth Guitars helps its customers do that and more. Warmoth has been one of the top brand names in American-made bodies and necks for electric guitars and basses since 1980. They do not just make guitars; they help you customize and improve it.

A guitar is a very personal and precious possession for players and Warmoth Guitars helps customers personalize it in their own way, so you can play your favorite music on a beautiful guitar that you helped create.

Apart from guitar customization, Warmoth is also known for its innovative guitar technology such as the conversion neck and the “drop-top” laminate top.

Quality Work at Warmoth

The process of customizing different parts of a guitar is an intricate one at Warmoth. The blank body and necks they have are from an unparalleled variety of tone woods so that the neck bodies are not only beautiful but are in tune with the other parts of the musical instrument.

They have high skilled technicians and craftsmen who do most of the work by hand, ensuring best quality and beauty of work.

Basically what Warmoth provides is a unique opportunity for its customers to customize their musical instruments according to their styles and taste.Warmoth knows that every

Warmoth knows that every artist has his own style so every individual guitar player can have his own signature guitar that will reflect his personality.

There are two ways for players to do this. They can get their old guitars repaired and customize those. Or they can buy a new guitar and custom build it from the start. In both cases, Warmoth and its team are ready to portray your creative ideas on your beloved instrument!

Custom Guitar Parts

With Warmoth you can choose custom guitar parts and then personalize them in your own manner. The process is simple and since the player will be customizing the guitar themselves, their input is extremely important.

You can be as involved as you want with the process and decide everything for yourself.

Guitar Necks and Names

Warmoth provides its customer with several excellent names for guitar neck models to choose from. These options include:

  • Stratocaster
  • Telecaster
  • Jazzmaster
  • 7-string

If you do not want to choose from any of the options they provide, then Warmoth gives you the option to have your own custom headstock cut out on one of their Modern necks.

You can choose either the 13 degree tiltback or straight. The best part is that you can have a beautifully cut customized guitar neck without the exorbitant price!

Then you also have to decide a few more important things such as:

The Construction

Do you want it to be Modern, Modern Tiltback, Vintage/Modern or Vintage?

Neck Wood

All the wood options of the Warmoth Necks are of a top quality so you don’t have to worry about that. You just have to pick the wood that suits your taste.

Neck Profile

This is the grip shape of the neck and you two options in this:

  • Standard Neck Profiles
  • Custom Neck Profiles
Fret Sizes and Material
  • Standard Nickel/Silver Fret Wire
  • Stainless Steel Fret Wire
  • Gold Color Fret Wire

There are other things to decide such as mounting holes, string nuts finish choices, scallops and much more. You can also pick the hardware of your choice such as the screws, neck plates etc. Warmoth gives its customers the freedom to COMPLETELY design their own guitar necks.

Custom Guitar Bodies

Like the custom guitar necks, customers also have the freedom to design the guitar bodies exactly according to their specifications. You can have the Mustang, Jagstang, Bass 6, Telecaster, Thinline, anything you want. There is a huge number of models you can choose from. Or you can also get a body blank and decide the body shape you want.

You have options in the wood you want to choose for the body, the laminate tops, pick up routs, control cavity, the pick guards, the pickups and of course the hardware.

Simple, Inexpensive and Beautiful

Warmoth is the place for professional musicians who have sufficient guitar knowledge and can make the right choice.

Beginners would be better off choosing a ready-made guitar and Warmoth can help with that as well.

For professionals, choosing from so many incredible options can seem daunting. Don’t worry about that. Warmoth has a team of experts that will work with beginners and professionals every step of the way. If they think you are going to pick a certain wood that will not go with the neck profile or guitar body you want, they will advise you to choose something more suitable.

The entire process is easy and a lot of fun. At the end, once you have your beautiful guitar in your hand, the one you helped design, you will have this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.

Is it worth your time?

After this introduction to Warmoth, I will leave the answer to you.

Final Thoughts

If you are a guitar-savvy, a handyman, or just a normal person who likes to make and create his own stuff, then Warmoth definitely is a valid option for you that offers quality custom guitar parts with an affordable price.

This isn't the first time I mention custom guitar parts here, DIY guitar kits also fall in this category. To check the article about them, simply click the button below:

These DIY guitar kits are extremely cheap, and they look awesome as well and fun to assemble. However, the quality is nowhere to be compared with Warmoth in my opinion.

Still, if you're looking for a cheap, fun, casual electric guitar to use for practice as a beginner, or to add to your guitar collection, or to simply mess around with and have fun, then you might want to consider saving a few bucks and get one of those DIY guitar kits.

But that decision is totally up to you to make! If you want a more professional, higher quality but a bit more expensive custom guitar, then Warmoth is your answer. If you want a cheaper one, with lower quality and pre-selected guitar parts, then maybe the DIY guitar kits fits you better.

The decision is yours. I know some people who are fine and satisfied with their DIY guitar kits, and some other people recommend paying the extra money for a better quality guitar.

NOTE: If you have a Warmoth guitar, or any other custom build guitar including one from a DIY-Guitar-Kit, we'd love to see it and if you wish we can add it here with your name tagged on it plus perhaps your social media profile so people can identify that it belongs to you.

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