If you've been struggling with the guitar for a long period of time now, or you're a guitar lover and have been wanting to buy one and start learning how to play it, you're probably wondering now (or has wondered before) what is the easiest way to learn the guitar.

Before we get to that point, I want you to make the distinction between “easiest“, “fastest“, and “best“. For this post, I will discuss the “easiest” path without regarding financial, economic, or convenience issues. This post will strictly be on what is the “easiest” way to do it.

For what is the “best” way, what is the “fastest” way, or all combined, I will dedicate a separate post for each one of them later on.

The Easiest Way for Learning the Guitar is …

A good private guitar instructor, that can go with you and guide you one on one, step-by-step, every step of the way, starting from day one.

Nothing can beat a good guitar instructor that will sit with you for a full hour or 45 minutes, tell you exactly what to play now, and what to play next, what mistakes you're doing and how to correct them, give you instant feedback on every note that you play, and simply be your guitar mentor until you succeed achieving your guitar goals.

Advantages of a Private Guitar Instructor

The advantages are clear. You get a human teacher to monitor your playing and plan your learning based on your own progress and capabilities. No other thing or device is capable of doing this as accurately and as efficiently as a human.

You get instant feedback which again, can't be found anywhere else, and will prevent you from developing bad playing habits right from the beginning. Examples of those bad habits are bad picking  techniques and wrong way of fretting on the strings.

You get to learn from experience. All professional guitar teachers are experienced guitarists. I haven't met a single instrument teacher that cannot play his own instrument. It's like preaching without practice. Experience is the best teacher anyone could have, whether it's for playing the guitar or applying to a job in the Hi-tec.

A guitar teacher will provide you with all the material needed to learn how to play the guitar from scratch. He/she should provide you with sufficient exercises that match your skill level. He/she should also provide you with song lessons because they're very fun and will keep you interested, and not dull the whole process of learning the guitar.

A guitar teacher can also hook you up with other guitarists and instrument players who you could become friends with and start playing together for fun or even create a band. He/she can also send you to music camps, similar to football training camps, where you can meet other musicians and players, take group training sessions, show off your skills, or simply hang up with fellow like-minded music lovers.

As you can see, having a good well-known guitar teacher is a big plus. However, nothing is perfect, and there are quite a few disadvantages to this, but first …

How to Spot a Bad Guitar Teacher?

Not having some of the things mentioned in the advantages above is already a first-sign of a bad teacher or a mediocre one.

Other signs are:

  • Laziness – Not showing up on time, canceling too many lessons without rescheduling, or regularly cutting off time from lessons.
  • Inconsistency – Can't always provide you with good exercises or songs to play. If in rare occasions it happened, he/she should provide you with alternative stuff such as:
    • improvisation
    • jamming together solo or to a backing track
    • discuss theory and techniques
    • watch other professional guitarists play, and analyze what you say
    • repeat difficult exercises that you haven't fully mastered yet
    • And more … What he/she should NOT be doing is repeating stuff you already know or are easy for you to play, so you technically will be gaining nothing.
  • Giving you exercises or songs that are either too difficult or too easy for you. Both are equally bad because in both situations you will not be learning anything new and be making progress, especially when the exercise is too difficult and above your skill level because you will not be playing the exercise accurately (you will make too many mistakes), and it can demotivate you greatly and discourage you from continuing playing. The best approach here is to do exercises suitable for your own skill level and then gradually move up as you slowly progress and improve.
  • Not Supportive – Does not encourage you or you feel that most of the lessons are boring.
  • Not ChallengingThis is for the more advanced levels. When you become advanced or even an expert guitar player, the guitar teacher should be able to find new ways to challenge you and put you to test. This is a crucial point to improve far beyond the highest levels.

This is pretty much it. If I get reminded of new things I will update the list above. Also, if you're aware of other signs of a bad guitar instructor, please let me know in the comments below so the people reading this can also learn about them.

Disadvantages of the Private Guitar Teacher

Some of the disadvantages of the private guitar teacher are:

  • Expensive – It is the most expensive way of learning the guitar. Always have been, and always will be. It costs anything from 25$ to 50$ on average for a single private guitar lesson, depending on the teacher and the circumstances.
  • Accessibility – Not everybody is lucky enough to have a neighbor guitar teacher. Sometimes your guitar teacher could be miles or tens of miles away from you, and you'll need a good transportation method if you intend to stay long with him/her.
  • Reliability – You can't always find a “good” guitar teacher. Maybe because of financial issues, distance, or any other reasons, you will end up with a “mediocre” teacher at best. Better than nothing, but still, not the ideal option.
  • Slow – While it's super effective, scheduling for one lesson per week, which is the normal habit, is by far the slowest way to progress. Your teacher has to compensate for the time in between lessons with a lot of exercises and homework, especially when you're progressing fast.

The Best Alternative

If you're having a second thought about getting a private guitar instructor for any reason being, there is actually a great alternative for that nowadays, that is very close in quality and effectiveness while being extremely faster and more flexible.

That alternative is still guitar lessons with a guitar instructor, but ONLINE.

Yes, you can now take full lessons, courses, training sessions, song lessons, theory lessons, and much more all from the internet, without ever leaving your house.

There are several websites and companies that specialize in online guitar teaching. However, I've been able to find and select some of the best programs that combine both a great learning system for beginners and a system that works great beyond that as well.

Perhaps one program that stands out for its super beginner-friendly, fun, and effective system while being the most experienced and most endorsed program among all of the other similar programs, is GuitarTricks. Read more about it by clicking on the button below (You can try it for free):

To check what other online guitar programs I recommend and read all the reviews, click here.

Final Thoughts

The easiest way to learn the guitar is really by a good private guitar teacher. There are a lot of new gadgets, devices, and mobile apps that claim to have the best or easiest system for learning the guitar, while it might work great for some, the majority would still prefer the real guitar teacher because of the ability to interact, learn, give and take feedback from a real human. In that regard, nothing comes close to this method in terms of effectiveness and simplicity.

A great alternative for people who might be having difficulties with finding a good reliable guitar teacher that doesn't charge big money is taking lessons online from a professional source.

Two of the best online sources for teaching the guitar are GuitarTricks and Jamplay, of which I wrote comprehensive, complete reviews about. To read more about them simply follow the links given above or click here.

If you have any questions or opinions regarding what have been said above, do not hesitate to leave a comment below and say everything on your mind.

Thanks and good luck!

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