Learning a new musical instrument has never been an easy task. It’s difficult, and at times intimidating for beginners, and requires a ton amount of time, effort, and money.

Nevertheless, people still engage in this activity because of pure passion and love to their choice of instrument.

In this article, I’ll give you my own perspective on what is the best way to learn the guitar today, in my humble opinion, which is also backed by plenty of high-level guitar players.

Today, there are two main ways to effectively learn how to play the guitar, and those are: Offline, and Online. I’ll dig into each path individually and show you what I mean.

Note: There are plenty of other ways to learn the guitar, but they are less effective, so I decided to not mention them. Examples: iOS/Android apps, new gadgets and devices (Like the Jamstik – A cool invention, it works for some, you can check it out, but I believe it’s inferior in lots of aspects to the methods I’m going to uncover below).

Learn to Play the Guitar: OFFLINE

Just like the good old days, “offline” guitar learning is all about finding the right guitar instructor for you, pay him a fortune to make him uncover his ninja secrets of how he become a master of the instrument (Like Steve Vai did with his old guitar teacher – Joe Satriani!), wait an eternity later (Just kidding, about 1 – 2 years of sweat and hard work to reach advanced level), then become a good guitarist and start enjoying your guitar.

This, however, is STILL the ultimate method of learning the guitar because:

  • You have a human guitar teacher with you, that interacts with you and give you feedback
  • You get a customized guitar schedule based on your own progress and capabilities
  • You get a dynamic demonstration of tricks and techniques by the guitar teacher based on your own pace
  • Instant error corrections
  • Personalised homeworks

Learning from a real experienced guitar teacher, that knows how to instruct and convey this experience and knowledge to his students, is simply priceless for anyone who has a life goal to learn guitar. It’s very effective, and it simply works. And always has.

However, there are a few drawbacks and disadvantages in going with this method:
Very Expensive

Expect to pay big money to get a real, effective training. Don’t go for instructors that offer very cheap prices, because chances are high that either he is not that good and does not have enough students to make a living, so he cuts down the prices very low, OR you will end up with a group of students in one session with one instructor.

Either ways, you’ll end up losing (in time, money, and progress) more than winning and gaining.

Very Slow

Very Slow – Most private guitar lessons are done in a schedule of one lesson of 45-60 minutes per week, with a risk of skipping some weeks due to personal matters like sickness, vacations, etc.


While it’s true that I said this method is highly effective, however, you might get unlucky with one guitar teacher that is either not so skilled, lazy, or simply charges too high for his time while his lessons do not justify it.

This is why a lot of the new generation’s guitar enthusiasts started looking for new ways and methods to learn the guitar, and justifiably so.

One method seems to have gotten a lot of attention and interest, is online guitar lessons.

Learn to Play the Guitar: ONLINE

Online guitar lessons is the new, modern method that so many have embraced and chosen as the primary tool to learn the guitar. And would you blame them?

Online guitar lessons, if you know the best place to get them (I’ll show you where below), is probably the best way to learn to play the guitar today.

Not because it’s the same quality as having a one on one private guitar teacher, it’s not, but it is very close to it with so many additional benefits that you would never find with any real guitar instructor.

There are literally millions of guitar students learning how to play the guitar ONLINE.

They chose to do so for so many reasons, among them:
Very Cheap

Because the lessons are mostly broadcasted, streamlined video guitar lessons that can be made available to thousands of viewers just as one, with the exception of some programs that do offer lesson downloads (with additional fees), these programs can afford to offer very low prices to their customers, as low as 10-15$ a MONTH where you can have whole courses in that period of time. This is less than a single real private guitar lesson with an instructor!

Very Effective

The best guitar programs online typically have thousands of guitar lessons, song lessons, exercises, tons of jam tracks and learning tools, with the video lessons shot in multiple angles with tabs either embedded in the video, or in the reference notes below the video. That’s just great!

Very Convenient

Obviously, all you need to have is your guitar, a computer, and an internet connection, and you’re set to go! Learn from your own comfort home.

And Fast!

Can have as many lessons per day as you want! And as many exercises as you want, and with a community and professional instructors that you can contact any time of the day for help or questions. Much fasters than one lesson a week, don’t you think?

And many more benefits you’ll discover once you’re in the program …

So, Which Programs Do I Recommend?

There are many good online guitar lessons programs out there, just to name a few:

Additionally, some guitar courses online like the Udemy’s Professional Guitar Masterclass can be a great extra way to learn the guitar or simply expand your knowledge and skills on the guitar, especially when at a BIG discount!

My own personal best choices, though, are both GuitarTricks and Jamplay, with GuitarTricks slightly having the upper hand because of their naturally designed, well-crafted beginner learning system that is also very easy to follow and understand, with a big focus on the fundamentals of guitar playing, which’s usually the most important thing for all guitar beginners.

Learn all about GuitarTricks and Jamplay, and how to get a FREE TRIAL to try them out without spending a penny by clicking the button below:

Get a Metronome!

Can’t pass this “best way to learn the guitar” article without mentioning, of course, a metronome!

Seriously, get a metronome EVEN though the programs above provide a metronome application in their membership area.

A metronome is the best tool to have alongside your training. It will help you improve your rhythm and play faster better and more efficiently than anything else. Every guitar teacher and expert will advise you to get one and so do I.

I’d suggest you to look into this new, Bluetooth-enabled, wearable metronome called: Soundbrenner Pulse, but if it’s too fancy or too expensive for you, a regular metronome would still do the work! Though be ready to get used to the ticking sound of the mechanic regular metronome in your ear. Soundbrenner Pulse works by generating pulsating vibrations instead of a clicking sound, which is much more convenient for the user and results in longer training sessions in return. This is why many guitar players are willing to pay the extra money for it.


The best way to learn how to play the guitar today is by subscribing to a professional, online guitar training program. Though having a real, one-on-one private guitar teacher is still king, many people can’t afford it, and it’s slow and requires you to be mobile, that’s why millions have switched to the online training route.

With a free trial, 30-60 day money back guarantee, thousands of online guitar lessons updated regularly, tools, jam tracks, and thousands of exercises and tablature, it’s almost a no-brainer to at least get the free trial and give one of the programs that I have tested myself and DO recommend a chance.

Good Luck!

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