In the present, more and more people are getting interested in doing stuff at home, because it’s convenient, and more time and money efficient.

More people are looking for home-based jobs.

More people are shopping at home using online shopping websites like Amazon and Ebay than ever before.

People are searching for solutions to their problems at home using the internet. From fixing their cars and computers, to finding more information about health conditions they’re dealing with.

Even services such as accounting and banking are being fully utilized online right from the comfort of the customer’s own home.

This brings us to a service we’re all interested in, and that is learning the guitar. So, what is the best way to learn the guitar at home? It’s obvious now that my answer will be: ONLINE.

What is The Best Way to Learn The Guitar Online?

That is an obvious follow-up question. This is a tough question, and a very important one because EVERY guitar player today is using the internet to some degree when it comes to playing the guitar. Perhaps the most common online activity for guitarists is downloading guitar tablature.

How can you really learn to play the guitar online? Do you just download a bunch of guitar tabs and practice them? Do you search for free guitar lessons on Youtube and that’s it?

Matter of fact, you can find lots of interesting, useful and free material online that is related to learning the guitar.

However, there’s a core problem with this method, and that is consistency. You will never find a complete free guitar training that you can use to achieve real progress. You can find a pretty interesting video on Youtube about bending strings properly, but it won’t teach you when to use it, and how to use it creatively. You might find a great video lesson about vibrato, slides, and even alternate picking, but it won’t teach you how to rock or develop melody.

I would compare it to having the demo version of a product. You haven’t unlocked its full potential, but you’ve explored some of its functions and know a little about it.

Anybody can lock himself in a room, practice alternate picking five hours a day for an entire year, and then come out an expert on the technique. But when you play it on the guitar, you would be making passages of alternate picking, not music.

Anybody can develop great technicalities on the guitar, given the right amount of practice and willpower, and it is super recommended to do so! But it is far from enough. You have other important things to develop if you want to become a great musician and make others want to listen to you.

You have to develop your musical ear, in order to be able to create real music and understand what you’re playing. You have to develop a good sense of rhythm so you are always playing on the beat, when you are playing a song or in a band. There are also melody development, chord progression, intonation, and lots more other than just mastering techniques.

So where on earth can you get all that in one place? There are only two options:

  1. A good certified private guitar instructor, which would normally charge you 25$-50$ for one lesson of 45-60 minutes.
  2. Sign up to one of the online guitar training programs, that normally costs anything from 7$-20$ for a whole month subscription, depending on your subscription method (monthly or yearly), coupons, and promotions that would sometimes cut the price in half.

It’s clear why millions are using these online guitar training programs today, they have thousands of video guitar lessons, dozens of professional guitar instructors, and way cheaper than having a real life guitar lesson.

However, there’s a common downside to all these online guitar programs, and that is the ability to return feedback to the student. A thing that can be done ONLY by a private guitar teacher, one on one or in a small group.

Some of the benefits of this “feedback” are:

  • When you make a mistake that you are not aware of, the teacher can correct you.
  • Prevent this mistake from becoming a part of your normal playing habits (the most common thing I can think of in this situation, is developing bad picking techniques, that later on would be very difficult to correct).

Some of the best online guitar training programs are aware of this issue, and they started working on a system that depicts this “feedback” to some proportions. It won’t be as good or as complete as the real one, because, well, let’s be realistic, they don’t have the human resources or the time to give a specific feedback to all their hundreds of thousands of customers on a personal level, like in the real life guitar instructor situation. It’s impossible!

But as far as learning guitar from home, online, by yourself, these programs are in my opinion hands down the best.

There are plenty of services and websites online that promote guitar teaching, however there are few that I strongly recommend checking, they have been around for many years now, and have proven to be well worthy so far. At this moment, there are literally millions of satisfied guitarists using them. Click below to find out what they are:

What is The Best Way to Practice The Guitar at Home?

The best way to practice the guitar is by using a metronome with exercises that suit your level of playing. Doing exercises that are too easy will not get you anywhere, and exercises that are too difficult will also be non-beneficial to you, in addition to having the risk of demotivating you.

Finding the right exercises online is the same issue as learning the guitar online. If you’re picking them randomly from tablature websites and Youtube, then you’re wasting your time because most of these exercises are either incomplete, inconsistent, or are simply bad.

Again, focus on the bigger picture. You want the whole package, not just the demo version. If you sign up to one of the recommended programs that we mentioned above, you will find a lot of good exercises that are divided into specific styles and levels to match each guitarist individually.This is the best way to get exercises online, at home.

Additionally, these exercises will be part of a “learning system” and put in an order that makes sense to the student, not scattered randomly like everywhere else. This is the best way to get exercises online, at home.

If you’re looking for a casual exercise to pass the time with your guitar, and also train your muscle memory, then have plenty of those. Additionally, you can use Google and Youtube to search for “guitar exercises” and find as many as you like.

Nevertheless, you have to learn how to practice the guitar properly. Here are some interesting articles that deal with this topic well enough, that I have personally written:

Wrapping Up

A lot of people today are wanting to concentrate their daily activity at home. Guitar learning is one of them. I’ve presented to you with the best options and places for learning the guitar at home, online. If you disagree with me, please let me know why in the comments section below, and what would you have recommended as a solution to learning the guitar at home. If you agree with me, I’d also love to know that and why.

If you’re already a member of one of the programs that I recommended, or have decided to sign up and try it, I’d appreciate it if you can send me your feedback on them, or a testimony by you, by emailing me or using the “Contact-Us” page from the menu above, or simply write it as a comment below.

Always remember, you can have the best guitar teacher in the world, but if you lack the discipline and don't practice enough, you won't become better and you won't achieve your goals.

Best of luck everybody, And train hard (but wise)!wink

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