What IS Schecter Guitars?

(Origins, History, Core Business, Recommended Models, and More …)
  • Name: Schecter Guitars / Schecter Guitar Research
  • Core Business: Guitars & Guitar Parts Manufacturer
  • Production: Electric, Acoustic, Bass Guitars and Custom Guitars/Parts
  • Ranking: Among the Top in the World, it can actually compete with the Fenders and Gibsons
  • Quality: Very High Overall
  • Price: Expensive Overall


So, what IS Schecter Guitars? what do they actually do and produce? And how do they fare up against the elite guitar companies such as the Fender and the Gibson? We'll find out shortly.

Schecter Guitars, believe it or not, started as nothing but a guitar repair shop in Van Nuys, California, in the year 1976 by a guy named David Schecter. Hence, the name.

The shop manufactured only guitar necks and bodies, as well as all sorts of guitar assemblies such as Pickup assemblies, bridges, pickguards, tuners, knobs and more.

Having the reputation for high-quality guitars, the company drew the attention of a group of Texas investors at around the year 1983 and was then sold to them, after having difficulties in meeting the demands of the market because of production limits.

After almost 5 years of being under the administration of the Texas investors group, the company was sold to a Japanese entrepreneur by the name Hisatake Shibuya, in which he, later on, appointed Michael Ciravolo as the president of the company, and together they ran Schecter Guitar Research to this present day.

Today, Schecter Guitar Research is known as one of the world's premier guitar companies, offering quality and expensive electric guitars, bass, acoustic guitars, and high-quality USA custom shop instruments to more than 150 countries around the world.

Who Plays Schecter Guitars?

Famous Guitarists and Celebrities Who Use Schecter Guitars


Schecter Guitars has a big list of famous bands and guitarists who use their guitars for official recordings and gigs. Perhaps the first and most notable endorser is Yngwie Malmsteen of Sweden. Schecter built several custom guitars for him with distinguished necks and headstocks.

After Yngwie, Schecter started getting the attention of many famous guitarists and bands, including:

  • Mark Knopfler
  • Zakk Wylde
  • Ritchie Blackmore
  • Chris Poland
  • Papa Roach
  • Pete Townshend
  • Prince
  • Disturbed
  • Avenged Sevenfold
  • The Cure

And the list is growing …

What Genres of Music are More Suited With Schecter Guitars?

Schecter Guitars are highly regarded as shredder/metal guitars in general, mainly because of their heavy tone and the way they look – sharp edges on the body, wide flat radius necks, and dark colors. That's why the big majority of artists who like using Schecter Guitars, are in the Metal/Heavy Rock music industry, as was made clear from the list of bands and artists above.

However, some have claimed to have used it to play other music styles such as Blues and Jazz, and to their judgment, the guitar played and sounded really well.

The company itself claims that their line of guitars appeals to a broad range of musicians and music styles, not only Metal.

In my opinion, if you like the style of the guitar and how it sounds, and you feel comfortable holding it, then don't make the genre that you're interested in, be an obstacle. Give a Schecter a chance regardless of your main style of music.

Two Recommended Schecter Guitars to Buy

(For Beginner, and Advanced)

So after this brief introduction to Schecter Guitars and a little bit of history, I'm going to recommend a couple of Schecter guitars that I found on Amazon, one is suited for beginners and the other for the more advanced players. So let's discover these options.

Beginner Schecter Guitar: The C1-SGR

  • Model Name: C1-SGR
  • Materials: Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard
  • Price: 100$ – 200$ (Depending on Amazon/Schecter discounts. Check Discount Price Here!)
  • Rating: 4.3 / 5

The first C-1 Schecter Guitar was introduced back in 1999 and was added to their ‘Diamond Series' guitars, which originally included only six non-custom guitars manufactured in the company's factory in South Korea.

This same C-1 guitar was debuted by Jerry Horton in the “Last Resort” music video by Papa Roach.

This new C1-SGR Schecter guitar is made exclusively for the beginner guitarist. The price can't be any more beginner-friendly and the body looks just like the normal popular body style of a Schecter.

The C1-SGR comes in Midnight Satin Black color, smooth and comfortable arched top, carved body, polished black chrome hardware, and a gig bag included with the price.

The pickups are Schecter Diamond Plus Passive Pickups, nothing special but are good for the price.

The instrument looks, feels, and sounds nice for the price, and some fret buzz is expected. Other than that, a great entry level electric guitar for the money.

Check More Customer Reviews, Pictures, and Videos of the C1-SGR Here

Advanced Schecter Guitar: Hellraiser C-1

  • Model Name: Hellraiser C-1
  • Materials: Mahogany Body, Quilted Maple Top
  • Price: 600$ – 800$ (Depending on Amazon/Schecter promotions. Check Discount Price Here!)
  • Rating: 4.3 / 5

The Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is a great upgrade for the C-1 SGR beginner electric guitar. If you purchased the C-1 SGR and you loved the instrument, and you're looking now for a more serious guitar from Schecter for advanced players, then you'll love the Hellraiser C-1 model and will fit you perfectly.

The pickups on this guitar are awesome, they are EMG Active 81TW/89 humbucker pickups which sound excellent.

The action is good, playability is great, good access to higher frets which is great for shredding and screaming loud solos, got excellent sustain, good tuning preservation due to the Schecter Locking Tuners, and the price for the quality is very cheap and can't get any better.

This guitar is regarded by many customers as a tremendous metal/heavy rock instrument and is suited for advanced heavy metal guitarists and beyond who want to unleash hell with this beast and melt faces.

Check More Customer Reviews, Pictures, and Videos of the Hellraiser Here

Summing Up

Schecter Guitar Research is a world's premier guitar company that manufactures and designs electric guitars, basses, and acoustic guitars to a wide range of guitarists and styles of music.

Many famous bands and artists use Schecter guitars such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Prince, and Zakk Wylde and although Schecter guitars might appeal more to Metal music and guitarists, the company keeps on expanding to include models that appeal to broader styles and genres like Jazz and Blues.

If you're a beginner guitarist and want to give Schecter a try, then the C-1 SGR is a great choice for the cheap price, and popular comfortable body.

If you, however, consider yourself more advanced and want a Schecter guitar that you can trust and rely on for more serious performances and more intensive training sessions, then the Hellraiser C-1 is a better choice for you.

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