• Product Name: AirJamz
  • Description: App-Enabled, Bluetooth, Electric Air Guitar Music Toy.
  • Company: Zivix (Famously known for their first innovative and successful Kickstarter campaign of the Jamstik. Check my review on the Jamstik here)
  • Price: 25$-49$, depends on applied discounts, promotions, holidays and so on. Check price HERE
  • Best Buy From: Amazon

Very positive customer reviews from Amazon, as shown below (December-2016):

What IS AirJamz?

In a nutshell, AirJamz is a music toy made in the shape of a guitar pick that senses your motion of it. The device converts that motion into digital data whiches then gets sent via Bluetooth to your mobile device.

The whole electronic circuitry is mounted on the surface of the gadget on the bottom side inside a hard plastic shielding, including the battery.

The device senses your motion with a motion-sensing chip installed on the electronic board. Not specified exactly which but I'd have to go with a gyrometer electronic chip similar to that found inside of every cell phone today.

About the Battery

The AirJamz comes with a standard replaceable CR2032 3V coin battery. This is NOT a chargeable battery like the one inside your iOS/Android devices.

It can sustain up to 15 hours of active playtime. Meaning if you or your kid use it for 1 hour a day total, the battery can last up to 2 weeks.

The battery can easily be found in any electronics store, and if you decide to get the AirJamz, one will be included in the package. Nevertheless, I recommend stacking a number of these batteries in your home so you never worry about getting stuck and left without power when you really need to use it.

Who is it REALLY For?

The company promotes it as a music toy for ages 6 to 60, meaning it's for kids and adults alike. I disagree completely here.

Quite honestly, I don't think most adults would find this toy amusing or entertaining. Maybe I'd give it a try several times when I'm extremely bored but other than that, I can't seem to find a situation where I personally would want it or need it.

However, in my opinion, kids would love it! I think the real suitable ages for this toy are 6 – 16.

Beware not to give it to children under age 6 because it contains a small battery which they could extract and swallow and lead to fatal consequences.

The best crowd of people to get this music toy for are young kids and teenagers between 6 and 16. Most of the positive feedback to this toy are from customers who bought it for their young kids or relatives on their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion that involves gifting.

How to Use it?

The AirJamz is very easy to use. It consists of only a power button and a LED indicator.

Click on the button and hold for two seconds to power ON or OFF. This is to prevent from accidentally turning it off while using it, or turning it on in order to preserve battery life.

The LED will turn green when the device is turned on.

Don't worry if you forgot to turn it off after using, it has an automatic sleep timer that triggers after 2 minutes of inactivity.

You must have the app on your Android or iOS device in order to use this device!

Download the official AirJamz app from the app store on your mobile device. Simply go to the app store and search for: “AirJamz Music”, and download the app so you can start using the gadget.

Make sure to update the app to the latest firmware version at all times, because these updates always contain fixes to bugs and can enhance battery life among other crucial things.

Now that you have the AirJamz app ready, and the AirJamz device turned ON, make sure that your Android/iOS device has the Bluetooth turned on so you can connect it to the AirJamz.

After you get the two connected together, you'll be introduced to the Music Library inside the official AirJamz app, where you can choose between 25 free songs to play and jam along with.

After you pick a song, all you have to do is move your hand with the AirJamz pick and pretend like playing on a real guitar in sympathy with the music. The device can sense your motion and its direction and will translate it guitar sound in the app. You don't have to be precise, remember, it's only a toy!

Tips for Using AirJamz:

  • You can connect up to 4 AirJamz together if you or your kids want to rock out together! A great way for kids and friends to spend their time together.
  • If you want to connect it to a speaker so you can have a louder sound, try as much as possible to connect it via an Auxiliary cord rather than Bluetooth, because Bluetooth speakers might introduce some delay and ruin the experience.
  • The app can run in the background. Meaning you can run apps like Snapchat or Instagram and record yourself rocking out with AirJamz and share your experience there.
  • Want more songs? Sometimes new updates bring new songs, so always keep an eye on updates, especially in holiday seasons. Other than that, new songs get introduced every month in the shop which you can purchase with money. They AREN'T free.

Important: About the 25 Free Songs Inside the App

Many people are asking about the song selection. What exactly are the 25 free songs that are included within the app?

Well, they are generic instrumental backing tracks (not something specific or popular) that are optimized to be used with the AirJamz. So if you're expecting to rock along a song like Sweet Child O' Mine by the Guns ‘N Roses, think again.

But again, if you're buying it for your kids, they don't care what the songs are as long as they're fun and entertaining. This is another reason why I think this gadget suit kids more than adults.

Zivix, however, says that in the future they will introduce licensed popular songs. I personally don't have any speculations to what these popular songs might be, but we'll have to wait and see and take their words for it. I only hope if they're buying the license for these songs, then they better be great songs from bands like Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Guns ‘n Roses, Rolling Stones and such.


The AirJamz is an air guitar, music toy guitar pick. It can be a great gift to buy for your kids or relatives between ages 6 to 16.

It's very easy to use, just download the official AirJamz app on your iOS or Android device, connect it to the AirJamz via Bluetooth, pick a song from the music library and begin rocking out.

You can connect up to 4 AirJamz together so your kid can rock out with his friends, or even better with you! With the app having the ability to run in the background you can share your experience in any social media platform that you like, especially Snapchat.

The AirJamz can be a great gift for kids in season holidays like the Christmas, or for a birthday. Its slim body fits in a small packaging, which makes it look like an insignificant gift. But once they pull it out and start using it, it will definitely surprise the kids and provide them with a lot of fun and quality time together.

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