This article contains reviews on what we believe to be the top three Hercules guitar stands available in the market today. If you haven’t heard about Hercules stands before, then this is a good place to learn about this company and their products, particularly the stands products which are related to guitar.

If you have a musical instrument of any kind, you probably also have a stand for it, or at least a case or a bag where you can store it and isolate it away from the reach of dust, dirt, son-light, and even guests or children at your house who would mess around with it mindlessly.

One specific item, which we find to be very popular and common around people who own a guitar (Or more than one), is the guitar stand. Why is it popular? What are the benefits of owning one as a guitarist? And how much do you really need it? Let’s find out together.

The Guitar Stand – A mandatory item for the guitarist or is it optional?


In all honesty, I believe it is optional. Although I highly recommend it, but I’ve lived without one for years and survived.

That being said, when I got my first guitar stand from a local guitar shop around the corner near the company where I work, I immediately felt a big difference in how easier handling my guitar became, and more importantly, I started to pick up the guitar more often and play on it. I honestly felt that I should’ve gotten that guitar stand long years ago, at least when I realized that I really love to play the guitar and that I’m going to stick with it for years to come.

The guitar stand is an item that makes it much easier for you to store your guitar quickly, and have easier access to it whenever you like to.

Although we do recommend to store your guitar in a gig bag or a cover case if you are going away for a long period of time (More than a couple of days) for the safety and hygiene of the instrument, but if you’re not and you play guitar everyday, even if only casually, having a guitar stand nearby to simply put your guitar on it when you’re done playing is actually highly recommended.

Here’s why we recommend it:
  • Faster storing and faster grabbing
  • Easier access equals grabbing your guitar for playing more often. Trust me on that.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of free space – Basically only the size of the instrument.
  • Looks awesome when put in the living room, especially when you have a beautiful, wicked guitar like a Fender or a Gibson. Even a non-guitar fan would appreciate that.

So, bottom line, it’s an optional item, but highly recommended to have.

The Hercules Guitar Stands


Hercules is a U.S company that specializes in musical stands. They develop, manufacture, and market their own brand stands and distribute them to the entire world, but more specifically to regions in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan.

Their motto (As they say it) is: Safe, Secure, Stable, Strong.

Hercules stands’ catalog extend way beyond guitars. They have Stands for instruments such as the Violin, Cello, Flute, Percussion, Keyboard, Microphones, Music Sheets, and a lot more. And inside each category, you would also find a few to tens of stand products related to that specific category. I would easily guess they have more than 100 different unique stands for every musical instrument that needs a stand. Hek, they even have stands for laptops which is something totally unrelated! But i won’t talk about those here.

Here's the full products' menu as seen on the Hercules official website:

All in all, Hercules stands as a company, is a well-respected company in the eyes of the public consumer, and their reputation and the quality of their products OVERALL is great throughout the country and beyond.

So now that you know a little about guitar stands and Hercules stands, let’s see what our top three Hercules guitar stands that we suggest you take a look at if you’re interested in buying one online.

Our Top 3 Hercules Guitar Stands With Reviews

Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand Review

This is a simple, basic, and inexpensive single-guitar stand with easy height-adjustment.

This is a simple, basic, and inexpensive single-guitar stand with easy height-adjustment.

It got SFF (Specially Formulated Foam) rubber on the legs which prevent any harm to the body of the instrument. It holds up to 33 pounds and got the amazing AGS yoke system.

AGS (Auto Grip System) is a system developed by Hercules that includes a weight-driven mechanism. What that means is that upon putting a certain amount of weight on the stand, it will close the grip automatically. That's great for the safety and security of the instrument. All you have to do is lay your instrument on the stand, and the AGS mechanical system will kick in and close the handle to secure it.

This stand is foldable as well and is easy to carry.

Warranty: Hercules offers different warranty periods for different types of products. Download their warranty service pdf here.

Will it hold/fit my guitar?

Most probably, yes. Hercules is reportedly very versatile and especially friendly to “odd-shaped” guitars, like the V guitars of Gibson and similar ones. If your instrument is a guitar then you shouldn't worry about it. Even for 8-strings guitars, this thing can fit nicely without any problems. The exact head part width isn't specified in the specs but people have reported that it's at least 2 inches wide.


Most of the problems associated with this stand are of the older versions. Some have complained about the AGS handle breaking or falling apart after a small period of time (a couple of months), but most of these complaint reports came with the older versions of the stand.

IF, nevertheless, at any point you feel that the stand is not fully functional or any of its features, including the AGS, doesn't work well or stopped working after a month or two, you can simply take a picture of it, and send it with an explanation of the situation to either Hercules support team itself OR Amazon. Both will get you covered without any problem and you can get a full refund or a new one sent to you within days period.

Hercules GS422B A/G Guitar Stand Review

This stand is very similar to the one above, but it's designed to support two guitars instead of only one (As seen in the image).

This one too comes with the AGS system (See above), is foldable, weights 5.7 pounds and can sustain a load weight of up to 20kg.

Regarding stability and usability, the overwhelming majority had a positive review with a few exceptions about the stand not being very stable in seemingly rough environments such as on stages.

All in all, this is a reliable, simple double-guitar stand which suits the needs of most guitarists who are looking for a guitar stand that supports two.

Nevertheless, I recommend that you go over some of the customer reviews from Amazon to see how others have experienced this stand.

Hercules GS523B Guitar Stand/Rack Review

A triple-guitar stand/rack with a load capacity of 80kg. It got SFF covering ALL contact points so you don't have to worry about damaging the body of the instrument no matter on which slot you decide to put it.

Although its huge size, this stand is easily foldable and portable which makes it suitable for both stage and home use.

One of the things that I like about this rack is that the neck holders are rotatable. So if you want to place a guitar inside its case on the rack, you can easily do that by first rotating the neck holders 180 degrees to move it out of the way, then lay the guitar down in place.

What's even better is that more neck holders/hooks can be added (Guitar Rack Extensions) to support even more guitars! But be cautious here not to exceed the weight limit of the rack (80kg), and the dividers at the bottom can be moved around for any combination that you need.

The rack is very flexible and sturdy and is reported to be very stable indeed for full-size three guitar units.

The rack just comes ready to use out of the box, which emphasizes just how easy it is to fold it/assemble it if you are a stage guitarist and are on the road most of the times.

Overall this is an EXCELLENT guitar stand/rack for 2, 3, and even 5 guitars (With the extensions) that is highly portable, stable, and flexible. I recommend this even if you have only two guitars because it's much more stable than the double-guitar stand, and you never know if you might get another guitar or two but if you do, this rack got you covered.

If you want a stand for a single guitar, then just get the single-guitar stand above (The GS414B). For more than one guitar, we highly recommend this rack.

If you're 100% positive that you won't be getting more than two guitars and you want to save space, then the double-guitar stand (The GS422B) is more suitable for you.

What do you think about our top three Hercules guitar stands? Are you willing to get one and which? Do you prefer or own a guitar stand from a different company? Share your views and opinion with us in the comments section below and tell us what do you think!

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