The Professional Guitar Masterclass Review

(By Udemy, Instructed by Michael Palmisano)

  • Source: Udemy
  • Type of Service: Purchasable Online Course
  • Content: General Guitar Course
  • Level: Beginners – Advanced
  • Instructor: Michael Palmisano
  • Overall Length: 9.5 Hours
  • Language: English
  • Rating:
    • Udemy's Rating: 4.6/5 (900+ Votes)
    • My Rating: 4/5 (Will explain below)
  • Price: 10$ – 200$ (Many holiday seasons and promotions can cut the price very low!)

First, About Udemy

What is Udemy? Udemy advertises itself as a “global marketplace for learning and teaching online”, where students from all over the world can visit and take up courses they need from a library of over 42,000+ courses on a huge array of topics taught by expert instructors.

So basically, it's a place to buy online courses on a variety of different topics, including music instructional and theory courses, programming courses, self-improvement courses, and etc …

One course by Udemy, in particular, we're interested in here, and we're about to review, is a course called: The Professional Guitar Masterclass course instructed by a GIT grad, professional guitar instructor by the name Michael Palmisano.

We're going to discuss the curriculum of the course, the instructor, the good and the bad, are there any alternatives, and my overall impression and conclusion of the course.

With that being said, let's get started by seeing who exactly is our guitar instructor!

Meet The Guitar Instructor: Michael Palmisano

Michael Palmisano is an award winning GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology, or also called the Musicians Institute – based in Holywood, California) graduate.

He's been playing the guitar since early childhood, and teaching guitar and coaching young bands for over 15 years now.

Two years ago he has launched a website called Guitargate which acted similarly to an interactive guitar school with lots of free material, and recently he's joined Udemy as a guitar instructor with 3 courses under his name.

My first impression on Michael is that he's a talented, passionate guitar player and instructor, he knows how to instruct really well and knows how to deliver his content in a way that is easily comprehensible even by the total beginner guitar students, a thing which you cannot always find in every guitar player, even among the best of them!

And for that, I really commend him and support him and wish him best of luck and success in his career in music, he won my respect and my support, and the least that I can do is post his Youtube channel below and advise every guitarist to check it out and support him if he's managed to inspire or teach you a thing or two:

Analyzing the Content of the Course

To understand the course and be able to really evaluate it and determine its quality, who is it REALLY for, and is it worth your money and time or not, we'll have to look at four different aspects and how they come together in one unified context. These four aspects are:

  1. What does the course CLAIM to deliver to its current or potential students
  2. What does the course ACTUALLY deliver
  3. How WELL the content is delivered
  4. The overall COST of the course.

1. What Does the Course Claim to Deliver? How Does it Advertise Itself?

The course makes large claims for itself, clearly stating to having the very best guitar lessons on the internet, and the ability to teach you how to master the fretboard and understand music theory, and how to use all these tools together to create your own unique music.

Michael also “GUARANTEES” that the course is the most simple, effective, streamlined comprehensive guitar course on the internet (VERY large claims considering the many professional, great guitar sources online today).

Target audience set to: Beginners, up to intermediate – advanced players with several months of playing experience.

My Judgment: Too large claims that are in my opinion overexaggerated.

Here's the full list of “claims” screenshotted directly from the course's Udemy area:

While Michael do succeed in fulfilling a lot of the claims that he made about the course, it is still far from being complete or near the best on the internet, considering websites like GuitarTricks and Jamplay do exist which have two of the best online guitar training programs on the internet today with thousands of lessons on everything related to the guitar, tools, reports, and more, with a yearly subscription of half of this course's original price.

However, that doesn't mean that the course is useless or isn't worth giving a shot! continue reading till the end …

2. What Does the Course ACTUALLY teach and can give you?

The curriculum of the course actually is quite big and covers a large number of topics and techniques such as:

1) Introduction to the guitar – How to hold the guitar properly, how to hold the guitar pick, basic guitar posture, hand and wrist movement, tuning, and some basic hand and finger exercises to build hands and fingers stamina, dexterity, and calluses.

2) Chords – Major and minor chords, basic and complicated chords, scale-specific chords, barre chords and strumming.

3) Scales and Modes – Pentatonic, Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian scale and more

4) Improvising – And how to play in “context” within each specific scale and mode.

All these topics are covered within 9.5 hours which is the whole duration of the course, but that's INCLUDING the attached jam tracks so you can practice and play along each lesson, so the overall “instruction” material is much less than that, but still, considered a lengthy course taking into consideration the time needed to actually learn, understand, and be able to execute what's being taught in each different lecture.

You will probably also find yourself replaying many of the lessons in an attempt to understand it better.

Each topic also has “some” amount of exercises to put the theory learned into practice, and these exercises are found in PDF files which you can download and practice alone or with the jam tracks included for each lecture or section.


The course is heavily focused on the following:
  • Electric Guitar
  • Blues and Rock genres
AVOID this course if you're looking to learn:
  • Classical Guitar and Classical Music
  • Flamenco Guitar and Music
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Fingerstyle Picking
  • Jazz, Bluegrass, and Country/Folk to some degree

This course is focused on the electric guitar and all that's related to it in terms of technicalities and theory, which is an obvious thing considering that the guitar instructor, Michael Palmisano, is a GIT graduate and has been mostly known for playing and teaching the electric guitar.


Click on the image below to check all the lectures and lessons included in the course:

3. What Truly is the Quality of the Lessons?

As I previously stated, Michael Palmisano is an EXCELLENT instructor, he knows how to simplify things up and convey them in a step-by-step, easy to understand way. That alone is enough to make this course well above average.

What's left is to evaluate the content itself. As I mentioned above, this course is for the electric guitar player, and so I'm going to relate my evaluation to that regard only.


So here's my brief, conclusive, honest evaluation of the content of the course:

There was some HEAVY focus on music theory, scales, modes, chords and progression in this course, with the attempt to link all this together to hopefully teach you how to improvise and create some true tones unique to you as an artist and an individual.

After every series of correlated lessons, after ever certain topic, there was a lesson on improvising and how to create a melody out of what you have learned and accomplished previously, followed by several related jam tracks.

That's fantastic! It's a huge plus to understand music theory and then put it into practice with exercises and jam tracks so you can not only be able to play a certain tab sheet or a song by ear, but also be able to recreate the music that you love in a creative way, and create your own original music too.

Many will agree with me that music theory and scales are key to developing your inner, creative artist and manifest it on the guitar.

Chords and chord progression are also important because they are basically the building blocks of songs, and the course covers these topics pretty well and you'll be able to understand them, not only memorize them or recognize them like many other guitarists do.



Because of the focus on the fundamentals of guitar playing, along with the music theory, scales, modes, chord progression, improvising and developing unique melody, I believe this course can truly benefit the electric guitar beginner in acquiring basic knowledge and skills to properly learn the guitar and get better.

The lessons and topics are organized in a coherent, proper manner and are discussed in deep details.

However, there are many weaknesses to mention. Check the pros and cons section below to learn more:


  • Great guitar instructor, can explain himself pretty well, have some great credentials as both a guitar player and a guitar teacher, and is an award-winning GIT music academy graduate.
  • Good material on chord progression
  • Good material on scales and modes
  • Good material on music theory
  • The topics are discussed in-depth, not shallowly touching on each topic
  • Focus on improvisation and being original!
  • Have 30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked
  • Have some sort of “feedback” through allowing you to send youtube links of your performance or sending your questions privately to the instructor or through the discussion forum
  • 1000+ customer reviews with over 4.6/5 average rating!
  • Lifetime access to the course with all future updates, without any kind of upsells whatsoever


  • Not versatile: Focus only on the electric guitar
  • No diversity: Main focus on rock music and some blues, other genres are spoken about only in the context of related scales/modes
  • Learn from one guitar instructor only
  • LACK of additional exercises, need to have a lot more exercises!
  • No tools to assist you such as a metronome, tuner, and more
  • NO song lessons
  • NO lessons on artist-specific styles (such as Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, etc)
  • One camera angle at a time – Expected to utilize the camera in a more efficient way
  • Very expensive without a discount or coupon!

4. Price

The full, original price of the course currently stands on 200$, with a 30-day money back guarantee, and that includes a lifetime access to all current AND future updates (more lessons, exercises, jam tracks, etc) to the course.

However, Udemy launches promotions and discounts on many occasions and times of the year which can lower the price drastically.

For example, a new year's sale turned the price of the course to 10$ ONLY!

So, it is always a good idea to visit the course's page and check for that opportunity when it's on sale, OR, you can subscribe to our mailing list from the homepage and I will send you an email when the course is on sale.

Summary and Conclusion

The professional guitar masterclass course from Udemy is definitely NOT a bad course, it is a serious course with a lot of in-depth information and instructional material focused on the fundamentals, chord progression, scales, modes and music theory for the electric guitar student.

However, considering the full price of the course without the discount or coupons, and when trying to compare it with the monsters of the online guitar lessons industry such as GuitarTricks and Jamplay that already have a full yearly membership for almost half the price of the course's full price, I honestly would NOT recommend taking this course for 200$.

GuitarTricks and Jamplay both have thousands of lessons updated weekly, hundreds of song lessons, artist-style lessons, tons of exercises and jam tracks, many guitar-related tools to assist your training, feedback and progress reports, and a lot more, all for a really cheap price compared to real life lessons or other online methods.


Judgment and MY Rating:


(For the full price: 200$)

4 / 10

NOT Recommended, You Might Want to Check the Alternatives Below!

As an alternative way to best learn the guitar online, I highly recommend checking the options below:


Best of luck to all!

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