Introduction to Finger Picks

What is a Finger Pick? Finger picks, or sometimes spelled as one word, fingerpicks, are little plastic or steel items wearable on your fingertips so you can pick your guitar's strings with them instead of your own fingers, that's it.

Dunlop is a well-known company that manufactures good professional guitar picks, fingerpicks, and thumbpicks, and today we're going to review one of their best guitar finger picks sold very cheaply from Amazon (With a thumbpick in each set). But first, let's ask the following question:

Why do you need fingerpicks? Or should you consider buying them?


It depends.

If you are a medium – heavy fingerstyle picking guitarist, and you dislike growing your finger nails for easier fingerpicking of your guitar's strings, considering that fingerpicks, in general, are one of the cheapest guitar accessories/tools along with the normal picks (plectrums), I do highly suggest acquiring them.

If you're a typical pick-focused guitarist (mainly, electric guitar players and some acoustic guitar players as well), and you find yourself rarely using your fingers to fingerpick strings and play fingerstyle picking songs or solos, then you don't really need those and it's up to you whether you want to buy them anyways for those rare occasions when you do get to play some fingerstyle picking technique or just completely dismiss them from your guitar tools and accessories collection.

The Dunlop 33P.025 Nickel Silver Fingerpicks and Thumbpicks

  • Product: Fingerpicks (Set of 5 includes 4 fingerpicks and 1 thumbpick).
  • Company: Dunlop.
  • Seller: Amazon.
  • Price for the Set: 4$ – 7$, buy here or click to check for price discounts.
  • Sizes: 6 adjustable sizes – 0.013, 0.015, 0.018, 0.020, 0.0225, 0.025 (In inches).
  • Material: Metal, Nickel Silver.
  • Application: Acoustic/Classical Guitar, Banjo, Resonator, Pedal Steel.

Made in the U.S.A, the Dunlop fingerpicks above are one of the best fingerpicks that you can buy off the internet. They're extremely cheap, reliable, brand fingerpicks, and made from steel which gives them a boost in durability and a bright, attractive sound.

They fit all fingers and are used by not only guitarists but other instrumentals as well such as Banjo players.

You can get a set of 5 fingerpicks, which includes 4 fingerpicks and 1 thumbpick, or you can purchase either the 20 (including 20 fingerpick units) or the 50 (50 fingerpick units) style sets. But if you're buying this for yourself or as a gift for a friend, you only need the 5 style set.

My Judgement Overall: Highly Recommended.

The Sizes:

These Dunlop fingerpicks come with a variety of sizes (in inches):

  • 0.013
  • 0.015
  • 0.018
  • 0.020
  • 0.0225
  • 0.025

However, do not worry about size as they are all easily adjustable by hand or you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to adjust them and make them fit your fingers and thumb.

Despite being adjustable, I recommend:

  1. Either measuring your fingers so you know exactly what size fits your fingers best
  2. Buy a random size following this simple rule:
    • For kids, get the 0.013 or 0.015 ones
    • For normal size adults, get the 0.018 or 0.020 ones
    • For big size adults, get the 0.0225 or 0.025 ones

Common Issues

Below are some of the common issues and problems reported by customers who bought these off Amazon. Here's what we can conclude:

1. Not Lasting Long/Break (Rare)

One customer reported that they broke with him after a month of using. Could be either bad luck or bad handling, because the general impression felt by the majority of the customers is that they're really durable and last for years.

2. Missing a Thumbpick

Some customers reported that the thumbpick was missing or not being included in the set despite clearly stating that each set includes 1 thumbpick. This could be a result of bad packaging by Amazon. If this happens to you, I suggest you contact them and ask to send you the thumbpick alone or a new set, or alternatively you can purchase a pack of plastic thumbpicks along with the Dunlop fingerpicks set.

3. Difficulty Using the Thumbpick

A few reported that the thumbpick was hard to use or inconvenient wearing on the thumb. Another reason why I recommend additionally buying a pack of plastic thumbpicks with these. After all, they are very inexpensive, why risk having this issue and having to wait for shipping again for the plastic thumbpicks? Just my opinion.


Overall this is a great pack of fingerpicks made by the famous Dunlop picks company. Actually, with this competitive price and the fact they're made of steel for a stronger sound and lasting longer, these could pretty much be the best fingerpicks that you can purchase with this amount of money, and I'm not sure you need to invest more for a more expensive pack because these do the job just fine even for professionals.

I strongly recommend these for any fingerstyle picking lover guitarist.

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