We will present here some of the best guitar books and songbooks that are available on Amazon while adding my own review and opinion no each one of them. If you've been looking for a good guitar book to help you learn the guitar better, have a deeper understanding of your instrument, or just for fun (songbooks), then you're going to find this post very helpful to you.

Why Do I Love Guitar Books?

I simply do. And here are some of the reasons why:

1. Diversity and Versatility

They come in a huge variety of different, distinct topics on the guitar. Are you looking to learn some songs? Then you could find a book with 50+ songs with tablature and lyrics on your favorite genre. Are you looking to learn new methods and new playing philosophies? There are tons of guitar method books from very respect names in the business that you can find both online and in the local guitar shop near you. Looking for instructional guitar books with exercises and emphasize on techniques? No big deal. Many guitar books are available on that exact topic. And a lot of these books bring solid, authentic information on whatever the main topic is, and many are well worth the investment as well.

2. Inexpensive

Depending on where you get the books from, but judging upon Amazon's own pricing, I've seen some pretty amazing guitar books for under 5$, and if you get the kindle edition, they could cost even less than a dollar. In general, the average cost of guitar books of all types ranges from 5$ to 15$. The pricing are subject to change, of course, based on both Amazon and the seller himself/herself, and on holiday seasons many get on discounts so it's very hard to tell what the exact numbers are, but as we said, it's an average of 5-15$. Pretty good price for the quality and amount of the content given in some of the best books out there!

3. Good and Fun Content

In addition to having a lot of options to choose from, and being very inexpensive, guitar books can be very fun with genre-specific songbooks (Like the one we're going to show below) and very educational with all the great instructional and method guitar books available in the market.

4. Portable and Lightweight

Guitar books are no different than regular books. They are portable and lightweight and are extremely easy and comfortable to carry around with you in your guitar's gig bag. Having your training material travel with you and your guitar wherever you go, without the need of electricity, could dramatically increase your practicing uptime and hence make you progress faster. Ever wanted to just take your guitar and go out on the beach and play or practice? I know I did, and still do, many times.


So in conclusion, and generally speaking, guitar books is not a bad idea at all. In fact, I recommend it. That being said, avoid relying solely and only on guitar books for your guitar training, they do bring some solid training material and content, but they're, nevertheless, not all-inclusive, tend to focus on one or two topics throughout the entire book, and simply aren't enough to make a “complete” training for the guitar. So with that in mind, I recommend guitar books as a supplementary method to further enhance your guitar training and playing experience.

Here is a Selection of Guitar Books We Highly Recommend

  • Name: Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques
  • AuthorEdina Balczo (guitarist, 9 million YouTube views)
  • Type: Guitar instructional book, music theory
  • Genre: Spanish Guitar
  • Get it From: Kickstarter campaign page.

Although many instruction books have been written on the subjects of flamenco guitar and strumming styles on acoustic steel-string guitar, this particular volume is unique in describing Spanish guitar strumming techniques and the percussive effects associated with that style of playing. While many guitar books focus on the development of the technique of the left hand, this book is devoted to refining the player’s right-hand technique to enable him to play the vibrant and dynamic rhythms of Latin music.

This book is ideal for players of all skill levels, even for beginners who have just started practicing the guitar. It begins by introducing the player to tablature, notation, and chord structure, and then proceeds to descriptions of the actual strumming techniques. These descriptions include step-by-step explanations, tips and enjoyable exercises. Some of the techniques described include:  rumba, the flamenco triplet (the famous Rodrigo y Gabriela type of strumming), golpe strumming, drumming techniques, and many more.

All of the music is written in TAB, traditional music notation, and with accompanying chord diagrams. Online Guitarpro files will also be available.

NOTE: The techniques described in this book are meant to be used on nylon-string guitar, and can work very well on other nylon-string instruments such as ukulele. However, they are not recommended for use on steel-string or electric guitar.

The book is currently available to preorder on Kickstarter.

(P.S: If you love flamenco, we have another blog article you will definitely love discovering which includes a video showcasing the top basic flamenco guitar techniques. Highly recommended for all enthusiastic flamenco and Latin guitar fans!)

  • Name: First 50 Rock Songs You Should Play on Electric Guitar
  • Author: Hal Leonard (A U.S well-known music publishing company
  • Type: Songbook
  • Genre: Rock
  • Rating: 3.5 / 5
  • Get it From: Amazon

See all the customer reviews on this book directly from Amazon.

This is a good example of “cool books to have“, and maybe even, must-have if you are a guitar enthusiast. This is no instructional book, however, as the name implies, it contains some AWESOME songs that every guitarist should know and be able to play, mostly for fun and to impress! it is not as important and crucial to your learning the guitar procedure, but trust me, you don't want your learning to be so serious and straight-forward to the maximum, and this kind of books might help add some flavor and spice up the air, which in return, boost your morale and motivation and make you, even more, enthusiast about guitars than ever before!

Some of the songs included in that book, which quickly caught my attention are Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple), Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley), All Along the Watchtower (Jimmy Hendrix), and much more.

About the 50 Rock Songs Guitar Book

This book is currently number 1 best seller on amazon in the category Electric Bass & Guitar Songbooks, and it's not hard to tell why. With 50 carefully selected popular rock songs, including tabs, chords, and lyrics, in a big, well-designed book from cover to cover, this book will surely make a great addition to your guitar tools and accessory collection.

  • Name: Guitar Aerobics: A 52-Week, One-lick-per-day Workout Program for Developing, Improving and Maintaining Guitar Technique
  • Author: Troy Nelson (An American guitar player)
  • Type: Instructional Guitar Book
  • Genre: Rock, Blues, Metal, Country
  • Rating: 4.6 / 5
  • Get it From: Amazon

See all the customer reviews on this book directly from Amazon.

Here is a great instructional book that will keep you busy for 52 weeks straight, with lots of drills and exercises on all the important electric guitar techniques, this book, if you follow through all the exercises and instructions within it, could bring fast improvement to your technicality and finger flexibility.

There is an overwhelmingly high number of positive feedback reviews on this book by more than 480 customers who bought it from Amazon, and with the low price on this item (9.9$+), it's really one of my top recommended instructional guitar books out there.

Perhaps one of the most accurate reviews about this book I found on amazon is the following, might be useful to you as well:

Here's how it works …

The book works on and deals with several guitar techniques, includes (and not restricted to): arpeggios, alternate picking, legato, string skipping and bending, and more. Each day of the week you get to take on one of the techniques and practice it the whole day, the next day you get a different technique to work on, and so on for the entire week. The next week, you get to start over again with different exercises.

So for example you started on Sunday with the arpeggios technique, you go over all the exercises provided for that technique in that day, Monday you take on legato, for example, and do all the exercises, Tuesday for string picking, and so on. The next week on Sunday, you go back to arpeggios technique and do a different set of exercises, etc.

This is a very interesting concept, and I like it. Could work well for both beginners and advanced, though I've seen a few beginners complain that it's a bit too difficult for them. It might be so, but who said that practicing the guitar should always be easy, right? With the proper mindset and enough dedication, any beginner – intermediate guitar player should be able to use this book and take advantage of its full potential to improve upon their skills, and faster. Especially regarding the physical capability of playing the guitar.

  • Name: Guitarist's Guide To Scales Over Chords-The Foundation Of Melodic Guitar Soloing
  • Author: Chad Johnson (An American session guitarist, composer, and recording engineer who authored over 40 books for the Hal Leonard Corporation)
  • Type: Guitar Educational Book
  • Genre: Miscellaneous
  • Rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Get it From: Amazon

See all the customer reviews on this book directly from Amazon.

This book is not about scales, chords, or chord progression. It's about all THREE of them together!

instead of teaching you how to play the scales, this book focuses more on the correlation between scales and chords, how they're closely related to each other, and how to put them in proper context to create memorable, good music.

This is perfect for lead guitarists and anyone who wants to learn how to improvise and develop melody, and create amazing solos that all sound different, special, and beautiful.

Everybody can learn to play a certain scale on the guitar, and even play all its shapes flawlessly along the fretboard. However, ask any accomplished guitarist and he'll tell you how difficult it actually is to be able to take all these scales and all this knowledge, and do something musically creative with them that the people around you would love to listen.

This book teaches exactly that: How to take the scales and chords and create good music with them on the guitar.

The book covers 14 scales, with 99 audio tracks (Including 15 backing tracks for practicing) that are accessed online using a unique code, and can be streamed or downloaded. (All additional info on this can be found inside the book)

  • Name: The Guitar Handbook: A Unique Source Book for the Guitar Player – Amateur or Professional.
  • Author: Ralph Denyer (Vocalist/Guitarist)
  • Type: Guitar Educational Book, General Guitar Information
  • Genre: All
  • Rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Get it From: Amazon

See all the customer reviews on this book directly from Amazon.

This book is perhaps the most resourceful and informational book on the guitar instrument that I've ever seen.

You won't find any instructional material inside, or any tablature or exercises, but if you're one of those guitarists who'd love to learn about the guitar, how it works, how it's built, the difference between all the guitar types, their history, their pioneers, and a lot more of such information, then this book is just the perfect book for you.

I personally used this book to write a couple of great informational articles here, one on the acoustic guitar and the other on the electric guitar, and I'm quite sure I mentioned it in other posts here too, as well as in front of friends and on social media for anybody seeking such information.

If you're just looking to learn techniques, how to play, or looking for more exercises to practice, then this book is NOT for you.

If you, on the other hand, looking to educate yourself on the guitar as a musical instrument and its history, then this is exactly what you need. This book makes a great general information book on the guitar.

  • Name: Music Theory for Guitarists: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask (Guitar Method)
  • Author: Tom Kolb (Guitarist)
  • Type: Guitar Educational Book, Music Theory
  • Genre: All
  • Rating: 4.6 / 5
  • Get it From: Amazon

See all the customer reviews on this book directly from Amazon.

This one is self-explanatory. Learn just about everything related to music theory with this book, even the very small things that are sometimes missed or neglected.

There are plenty of music theory books out there, but what makes this book special is first the corporation behind (Hal Leonard Corp, which is one of the best in the market), Have over 200 5-stars customer reviews on Amazon, authored by a veteran guitarist – Tom Kolb, and includes access to over 94 audio tracks of music examples, ear training, scales, modes, and more.

One thing to notice here though, the level of this book seems to be somewhat beyond average, as a number of beginner level guitarists have complained that it's too difficult to understand, at least from half the book and beyond.

Music theory, in general, is not easy. So I'm not surprised that such complaints have emerged and understandably so! It doesn't mean that the book is poorly made or the language is difficult, it's just the nature of the topic.

Just acknowledge this fact before you buy this book.

Nevertheless, if you're looking for a good book about music theory for guitar, then this one is among the top. Even if you perceived it as difficult at the beginning, as you progress and improve with time, the book will start to make more sense to you and you'd be glad that you got it.

  • Name: The Ultimate Scale Book
  • Author: Troy Stetina (Guitarist and Instructional Guitar Author for Hal Leonard)
  • Type: Guitar Instructional Book
  • Genre: All
  • Rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Get it From: Amazon

See all the customer reviews on this book directly from Amazon.

Unlike the Scales over Chords book that we reviewed earlier, which dealt with HOW to develop proper, distinct melody with the scales, this book actually deals with the scales in the basic technical level.

It contains instructional material and fretboard diagrams on all the minor and major scales, as well as the modes of these scales. It deals with the harmonic scale too, melodic, chromatic, whole tone and diminished scales, exotic and ethnic scales, and more.

This book is well laid out, very informative and the language is clear, easy and understandable. It's worth to mention too that it includes an awful lot of charts and diagrams for the fretboard to show scale and mode fingering, which is awesome on the hardcover, but kindle users will suffer as you can't simply “zoom” in to have a better look at the fingering.

Besides all the benefits and advantages of this book, it currently costs only a tiny 5$ on Amazon. So if you ask me, you can't really go wrong with this one. After all, “scales” is a very important topic to all of us guitarists, it helps us understand the music we play, have fretboard freedom, and allow us to learn improvisation and create music which all are originally based on the scales.

Good book overall, very recommended.

So, what do you think of my selection of recommended guitar books? Do you like these books? Would you recommend other books? Then which and why? Please leave a comment below to state your opinion, and also if you own any of these books, we'd appreciate it if you share your own experience and review of the book and tell us how did you find it.

I might add more books and reviews to this post so if you're interested to see if or when I add them, bookmark this page and check back later.

As for now, I'll leave it here.


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