Every now and then, depending on your guitar's quality, the guitar will go off tuning a little bit, usually with time the strings will “loosen” up a little, so you will need to “fasten” them right to match the tuning that you want.

Just a little information, there are many different guitar “tuning” to go by, there is the standard one with “E” key being the lowest string with the deepest voice, and another “e” for the top string, many other tuning such as:

  • Open Major/Open Minor tuning
  • Drop tuning
  • Half/Full step down tuning
  • And many more

As a beginner you shouldn't worry much about tuning modes other than the standard E/e for now, because you don't need it, and probably won't need it any time soon neither. If you, however, curiously want to know more about the different tuning modes, a simple google search for the exact keys of any tuning you want will suffice, or, you can continue reading below and see how the following guitar tuner will help you not just tune your guitar simple and fast, but also discover a lot more tuning modes among many other features (with a small fee in return, a couple of bucks for the whole thing!).

Free guitar tuner, with 2$ additional fee to unlock a lot more features? seems like an app!

Yep, you got it right. It's an app, available for both android and apple operating systems. Everyone now have a smart phone, and it is really amazing what you can do with this little device that fits right in the palm of your hand. One great app that I discovered that will let you EASILY and for FREE tune your guitar to the standard tuning, is called Pitch Lab (search it in the app store of your device):

pl3_cropped and 50 percent scale


With the standard free version of the app, you get a great easy to use guitar tuner for the standard tuning. Which is enough, this is what I'm using right now, but for a couple more bucks you can unlock a lot more features, as of myself I might upgrade and unlock all the features in case I felt the need for it, but currently all I need for casual play is just the standard version, you too if you are a casual player or a beginner, in my opinion, you don't need the upgrade and the standard version is more than enough to do the job.

Note: you might find other free apps that serve as guitar tuners, you are more than welcome to download and try them all if you like, but for me, I enjoyed this app the most and I think it's very simple and accurate and thus, I decided to tell you about it here. 

I'm curious, what more can I do with this app?

In case you are thinking of upgrading, after all, just 2$ is really nothing and very affordable, here is what you can do more with this app;

  • Over 30 different guitar tuning available for you to use
  • An editor that allows you to create your own custom guitar tuning, and save over 100 of them.
  • A scrolling display showing musical pitch of every sound you make
  • Chords identification of “clear” input sound/song
  • Keyboard feature that allows you to play notes in the musical scale
  • And more

If you buy each feature alone, it will cost you approximately 1$, but if you purchase all the features, you only pay 2$ including all future upgrades/additions to the app. Sounds like a great deal in my book.

Go to the app store of your device and download the app for free, and check all the features included in the upgraded version, and see if you need them all and unlock for only 2$, otherwise, as I stated before, the standard tuning is all you need as a beginner and intermediate player, and you can stick with the free version as long as you want.

A video example of how to tune your guitar using Pitch Lab app

I created the following video to show how simple and easy it is to tune your guitar using this app, and most importantly, the accuracy of it is really impressive! Watch below:

In conclusion

So overall this is a great free, extremely accurate, and simple to use guitar tuner app that you can download right now and start tuning your guitar, it got a lot of other “optional” features that you can unlock for only about 2$, which is really a good and affordable price for what you are getting, but for most guitarists and beginners out there, you only need the standard guitar tuning mode which is available by default in the free version of the app. So what are you waiting for? download the app today and tune your guitar accurately for a sharper and more beautiful sound for free!

Good luck and enjoy your music. In case you need an assistance or want to give feedback, please leave a comment below and I'll reply as fast as possible.

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