The Metronome Soundbrenner Pulse Review

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  • Product Type: Metronome
  • Features: Pulsating, Bluetooth Enabled, WearableSynchronizable with other similar devices, Programmable.
  • Company: Singular Sound
  • Best Place to Buy: Amazon
  • MY RATING: 4.8/5

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What is Soundbrenner Pulse?

A metronome is simply a device that gives you a specific tempo. So far all the traditional metronomes did this job in one simple way: CLICKS.

The metronome would output a “click” sound following the tempo that you specified on its interface. Normally, this is a “mechanical” sound, similar to finger tapping on a wooden surface.

Soundbrenner Pulse has broken this habit by introducing their new product: A Bluetooth, pulsating wearable metronome that you can wear on your wrist like a watch (or any other body part you like), and connect it to your android or iOS device via Bluetooth so you can program the tempo that you desire. Simple as that.

Soundbrenner Pulse Product Reviews

For so many musicians, rhythm has been a major problem. No one is born with the ability to play on the beat, all the time. Thus, the need for rhythm practice is highly recommended. In fact, it is mandatory for any serious musician.

However, we so often see many musicians neglect rhythm practice because of the obnoxious intrusive nature of the traditional metronomes that we still have today.

Soundbrenner Pulse is the world's first smart vibrating metronome, that was developed specifically to deal with all the challenges and difficulties associated with rhythm practice, using modern technological solutions.

Special Features:

Some of the noteworthy features that the new Soundbrenner watch got are:

  • A powerful motor combined with a cutting-edge haptic driver that utilizes a patented vibration technology, to provide us with 7x more powerful vibration capabilities than the normal smartphone.


  • LED Mode and Silent Mode: The older version of the metronome was always emitting light as long as it's working. However, some customers didn't like this and wished to be discreet about using the metronome. So, they added the option to control whether to work in silent mode without the lights or continue using the LEDs.
  • It can receive input from all major DAWs via MIDI – DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. Basically what this means is any computer equipped with an advanced Soundcard and Audio System for professional use. The computer in a recording studio is considered a DAW, for example.
  • Smart Tap Control – Tap with your fingers on the watch and it will follow your tempo. Simple as that. Double tapping will start or pause the metronome. Turn the wheel right or left to control the BPM (Beat Per Minute).
  • Two Bands Included – By including two bands instead of one, they offer ultimate flexibility to meet the needs of all musicians of different ages and sizes. This was a great addition to the watch as many have previously complained about the band being too tight or too loose.

And more. Click here to learn about more of its features.

Why Get a Metronome?

A fair question. A Metronome is an essential item to have for a few reasons:

  • Improves your tempo: When you start playing along with a few songs, you will be required to follow a certain tempo in order to synchronize your guitar play accurately with it. A metronome will help you achieve exactly that, and quickly.
  • Increases your speed: By using a metronome to increase the tempo of a certain song or exercise gradually, at a rate depending on your own capabilities, you will start developing speed with both of your hands faster than ever before. This is a proven method that is adopted by almost all the expert guitarists that I know.

Do I Need This Pulsating Bluetooth Metronome?

If you're asking yourself this question, then ask yourself the following:

  • Do I want to keep hearing “CLICKS” in my ears all along my training session? Is this a thing that I'm bothered with? How long can I tolerate hearing these clicks while I'm practicing and does it affect my overall mood? If this issue bothers you then YES you need it.
  • Am I going to need a metronome to play in a loud environment (such as with a band in a training session or a live gig)? If the answer is positive, then YES you need it.
  • If you're playing in a band, and all the band's members need to synchronize on the same tempo together, then YES you need to get it, along with your band members as well.

These are the main reasons that most customers buy this product. If you, however, don't identify with any of the points above, then maybe you are better off buying a regular metronome and save some money.

If you want to know which regular metronomes we recommend, check the Interview we had here with Nino Helfrich, an expert guitarist from Germany, in which we discussed his career and how he managed to develop accuracy and speed on the guitar.

Pros and Cons

  • Pulsating – Produces pulsating vibrations instead of the annoying “click” sound that doesn’t even fit the music. This is the main idea behind the product.
  • Wearable – You can wear it on your wrists, foot, arm, and anywhere you like.
  • Good Clear Display
  • Bluetooth Compatible – Control the metronome with your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth.
  • Good Material – It's made of good quality material. Doesn’t feel like a “toy”.
  • Sync – the ability to sync up to 5 Soundbrenner metronomes together via one “master” device that takes control. Ideal for band situations to sync all the members together to the same rhythm.
  • Builds Inner Tempo – Because of the strong vibrations, unlike with a traditional metronome, the pulses go through your body and you learn to develop a better sense of rhythm in less time.
  • Versatile – No need to bring out your phone every time you need to change the rhythm. By simply tapping on the display you can switch between different pre-assigned tempos.
  • Flexible – Comes with two bands with different sizes, allowing you to easily wear it on different parts on your body.
  • Long Battery Life – It can sustain up to 6 hours of continuous active use.
  • There was plenty of complaints about the software being bugged, as, the tempo that you are given by vibration is not exactly accurate, and there’s a delay between the vibration and the clicks on your mobile device. Connecting headphones might trigger this bug as well.

UPDATEthis has been FIXED via software update by the company! so make sure you update the software immediately after you buy the product.

  • Some have complained about the vibrations being weak. While this might be true in some situations, especially very loud rock gigs, you can go around this problem with trying to wear the metronome in difference places such as the upper area of your arm or your foot, and see where you can feel the vibrations stronger (for drummers, for example, putting it on your foot might give better results).

Additionally, there are several vibration levels that you can choose from.

You can choose a weak vibration level if you are playing solo alone in your room, or the highest level for the strongest vibrations if you are playing in a loud room.

UPDATE: They introduced even more powerful vibration capabilities in the new version of the watch, to make it more effective in extremely loud environments, such as loud Rock and Metal gigs (check the Special Features above). Here’s a screenshot of a tweet between us PREVIOUS to this implementation:

Twitter Conversation With Soundbrenner

What's included in the box?

  1. The Soundbrenner Pulse Metronome
  2. Two bands, one short and one long black bands
  3. One charging station
  4. And the mobile app


Overall this is a cool product. Certainly, the idea is great and I can see many people needing this product for various situations.

On the date of its release the product weren't completely polished and needed some more tweaks, especially in the software department. But over time the company has succeeded in fixing the different bugs and issues that their customers have complained about, and they're still working around the clock as a dedicated team to enhance and improve the metronome.

I believe now is a good time to buy the product because the major issues in the software have recently got dealt with, and almost all of the design improvements that were called for by the customers in the past, has been fully implemented as you have noticed by reading this updated review.

And although the price could be a little lower, if you are practicing your instrument regularly and need a convenient metronome to help you practice your rhythm and improve your timing, or you've just started playing in a band and need a metronome to keep you on track with the other members without being forced to hear the intrusive “click” sounds in your ear and ruin the fun, this could be a great solution to your situation.

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