Guitar Picks (Plectrums)

We all know how important the guitar picks are (And how easy they go missing too! Hah). The guitar pick is the cheapest accessory you can have, less than a dollar a piece! Choosing the right type and thickness of the pick can be detrimental to your playing capabilities, speed, and picking efficiency (Also referred to as the economy of motion).

A pick too thick and small can be excellent for speed picking, but awful rhythm guitar. Too flexible and big is great for rhythm guitar but will make it much harder to play fast and accurate passages of notes.

If you want to have good control, good speed, while still being able to jam a few chords in between without worrying of breaking a string or having your pick flying off your fingers, then medium picks or medium-heavy would be the right choice.

Most important of all, I suggest purchasing different sets of picks with different dimensions and weights, and try them all and see what works best for you! At least that's what I did and I have stuck with one or two picks that I know that I perform BEST with. Good Luck!

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