Guitar Amplifiers

The Guitar Amplifier is responsible for giving voice to your electric guitar. It is one of the key elements in your arsenal that determines the quality and the loudness of your sound, so it is wise to give it a more thorough thinking as to what amplifier you want to get based on your skill level, musical orientation, and of course, for what purpose.

On this page of the shop you will find some pre-selected guitar amplifiers that we have personally picked as our favorite or recommended ones, plus an additional amps collection favored by amazon. This is a great place to start in to help you choose your guitar amplifier!

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Our Recommended Guitar Amplifiers:
Guitar Amplifiers:

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Learn About Your Amplifier!

If you have a guitar amplifier and you intend on using, it's wise to learn a little bit about how it works, what each encoder does, and get acquainted with it so you can control it to give you exactly the sound that you desire.

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