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Online Guitar Teaching Programs

“Online guitar lessons” is probably the most important step you'll ever make to help yourself properly learn to play on the guitar.

It's very cheap, effective, fun, interactive, social, and very accessible that you can take lessons right in your own comfort room, or anywhere you go that have internet access.

Check this page to see all the reviews on all the guitar teaching programs that we currently have. We will be reviewing more programs in the future.


Having the right guitar to play and practice on, hugely influence your progress in the future.

Getting a very cheap guitar for under 50$ that loses tuning every day, have low-quality body material and bad voice, will only get you demotivated fast and lose interest in ever picking up the guitar again.

Knowing which guitar to get as a beginner, to have just enough quality and low price to be a perfect guitar choice for you, is a very important thing.

Check this review article to see which guitars I recommend, that I believe are perfect for the entry level period up to lower-advance levels.

Guitar Books

Guitar Books and Songbooks is another great way to boost your guitar training capabilities.

You can choose from a variety of books that range from:

Songbooks – Including full notes and tablature of your favorite songs

Instructional Books – Contains instructional information about guitar techniques, styles, and exercises

There are many great guitar books out there that sell thousands of copies every year.

Check the books that I personally recommend and find really useful for beginners and advanced players alike

Guitar Software

A guitar software should at least be able to view guitar tablature.

Guitar Pro, which is the focus of this post, can do lots more than just viewing tabs.

With Guitar Pro software you can:

  • VIEW tabs
  • PLAY them
  • CREATE them – Composing your own tablature/notes sheet

And lots more.

Highly recommended for the creative enthusiastic guitar player and musician.


This page contains all the reviews on every guitar-related product that we have, other than: Online Guitar Teaching Programs, Guitars, and Books.

This includes many cool and awesome stuff such as:

The new pulsating Bluetooth Metronome by Soundbrenner Pulse

The new MIDI Guitar for learning guitar and composing music – The Jamstik

The Pedal Drum Machine, Beatbuddy by Singular Sound

And more …

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review.

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