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  • All the reviews on ONLINE GUITAR LESSONS.
  • I highlight the good, and the less good, in each guitar program individually.
  • NO amateur guitar lessons, only professionals.
  • ONLY programs with a free trial OR money back guarantee, OR both.

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Guitar Tricks

A true veteran of the online guitar training market. GuitarTricks invented the term “online guitar lessons”, and it was the first to present this kind of service.

GuitarTricks has been running for almost two decades now, and its popularity among young and old enthusiastic guitar students doesn't seem to fade away, featuring over 2 million subscribers as of Nov-2016.

GuitarTricks offers the largest online video guitar lessons collection on the internet (over 11,000, and still counting up.)

With a coherently structured series of guitar lessons that suits each individual's needs and style of music, “Core Learning System” for beginners, a plethora of experienced guitar instructors, and of course, money back guarantee, it's very hard not to regard this program as one of the best of its kind.


Jamplay is another serious online guitar lessons program that is subscription-base.

It probably has the most features among its competitors, as well as the largest number of guitar tutors and celebrities that can teach you just about anything on the guitar.

Jamplay has a unique feature that has yet to be seen in any guitar teaching websites, and that is: Live Q/A sessions and workshops.

With these, you can have the closest experience to the one-on-one traditional private guitar lesson that you could ever have with this type of online guitar services.

Add to that the thousands of high-quality instructional and song guitar lessons done by a group of well-known guitar professionals, Jamplay is easily considered among the best online guitar training places on the internet.

Elmore Music

Elmore Music is a website that sells whole courses either in the format of videos accompanied by the appropriate reference notes and tabs (including hard copiesof the videos as well), or a subscription, which makes ALL their content available to you, with no restrictions or limits.

Elmore Music is very beginner-friendly, with courses that cover a variety of styles, techniques, and genres that cater mostly to beginners, but also to advanced players to some extent.

Although having only one guitar teacher, he has over 20 years of experience teaching guitar and some amazing credentials which include being a C.F Martin professional artist, which is quite impressive in my opinion.

I tested their acoustic guitar beginner course more closely, so this review will be all about their acoustic guitar lessons for beginners.

If you’re an acoustic guitar fan and are looking for an easy way to start, you might find this course interesting.

The Pro Guitar Masterclass

The Professional Guitar Masterclass is a major course found in (One of the world's largest marketplace for online courses about different and various topics) and instructed by a respected guitar player and GIT graduate called Michael Palmisano.

The course is heavily focused around the electric guitar in particular, with a lot of talking in details about the different scales, modes, chords, chord progression, and how to actually learn how to improvise using all these information and tools.

If you're NOT a fan of the electric guitar, or you're looking to learn about fingerstyle picking, flamenco techniques, and jazz music, then this course is not for you.

Other than that, I still highly recommend reading the full review inside BEFORE you make any decisions regarding joining this course or not.

Lick Library

Lick Library offers a huge collection of DVDs ranging from full DVD courses to jamming and full band backing tracks DVDs accompanied with tutorials and instructional material.

Though they do also offer online guitar lessons like GuitarTricks and Jamplay, this is not their strongest asset and they lack a good learning system to be able to compete with the top online guitar training programs.

If you are looking for an online guitar training with a coherent and step by step learning system, this might not be the best option for you.

If you, however, fancy guitar DVD lessons and enjoy watching DVD guitar lessons and jamming sessions, then give this a try!


Truefire is another veteran of this business and one of the oldest.

Truefire has the largest selection of guitar lessons on the net, with over 25,000 streamed video guitar lessons divided into courses and learning paths that you can use to jump yourself into the right spot with your guitar learning.

It has some decent prices, nothing beyond normal, however, their learning system and the difficulty of their instructional lessons are somewhat a bit less suitable for beginners.

Nevertheless, if you are a bit more advanced player who is looking to expand your knowledge of the technical and theoretical aspect of advanced guitar playing and discover new playing philosophies, Truefire has some very good courses done by the likes of Steve Vai and Tommy Emmanuel that will give you more than you asked for.

If you're a beginner and just want to learn how to play with a more suitable, simpler learning system and lessons, then I suggest looking into GuitarTricks and Jamplay.

WHY Choose Online Guitar Training?

Take Your Guitar Training to the Next Level & Go Online

Learn to Play The Guitar the Right Way, and Fulfill Your Dreams.

Online guitar lessons for beginners is probably the best way to learn guitar today.

Guitar lessons, in general, online or offline, is a crucial step to learning the guitar for many reasons:

  • A certified guitar teacher/experienced guitarist has studied the instrument well and knows how to use it properly.
  • Can guide you through learning the guitar better than anyone/anything else
  • Can teach you the basics and the fundamentals better than anyone/anything else
  • Can find your mistakes and correct them
  • Has a “learning system” for you to follow, a thing so essential but is ignored by many, I don't know why
  • He has done it before, and has succeeded, and can teach how you can do it too.
  • A good guitar teacher will let go of all his secrets, knowledge, and experience to you, so you too can succeed, and big time.

The best online guitar training programs have all this, in addition to dozen more teachers available to you, thousands more lessons, and with a fraction of the normal price of a private guitar teacher.

HOWEVER, you should know first that one of the key elements missing in ALL the online guitar programs, is the element of instant “feedback”, which can only be proclaimed with a private guitar tutor period.

But then, that is so obvious. With hundreds of thousands of subscribers all equally eager to learn to play on the guitar, it is impossible for them to reach each customer individually, at least not on a regular basis.

However, some of them are starting to incorporate live sessions and workshops (Jamplay, for example), and a live chat where a guitar instructor would appear and answer questions or demonstrate some techniques that are a bit tricky or problematic.

As a beginner, I believe it is important to get all the basics right. Getting proper “feedback” will help you correct yourself, make sure you're doing everything right and will prevent you from developing bad playing habits and techniques over time.

Here are some tips to help you get that important feedback, without the need to pay hundreds of dollars to a private guitar instructor:
  • Ask an intermediate-advance guitar player for help. This could be one of your friends or family members. Ask him/her to give you a few casual beginner lessons, monitor your playing techniques and make corrections if needed, and give you a few tips.
  • Play in front of the mirror. This way you can monitor your wrist movement, and check if you are fretting and positioning your fingers correctly.
  • Participate in live workshops and lessons. If you are a member of one of the online guitar training programs, make sure to participate and sign up to every live training session possible, especially in the very beginning of your training where you need feedback the most.

Huge Money Advantage

One of the huge advantages of online guitar programs and one that is most noticeable is the fact that it is extremely cheap.

How much are you willing to pay, to fulfill your dream?

Today's private guitar teachers charge anything between 25$ to 50$ per lesson of 45-60 minutes.

And that lesson is scheduled in most cases to once per week.

on the other hand, you have the online guitar training programs, which would cost you anything from 13$ to 20$ depending on the program you choose and the subscription method, for a whole month!

During that month you can take as many lessons as you want, no restrictions, and on any topic you like.

Compare the monthly subscription of these programs to a one private guitar lesson, and you'll be surprised how much m0ney you'll be saving by going for the former.

A one-month subscription literally costs LESS than one private guitar lesson with a private guitar tutor.

Nevertheless, Guitar Lessons is Only Half The Way

Now, choosing your preferred program is only half the way, the other half is on your own shoulders to take your mission of learning and mastering the guitar seriously, set your goals and pursue them, be dedicated to the instrument, and spend as much time practicing and playing.

Even if you are the most talented guitarist in the world, if you don't have all these things and don't practice enough, you'll never achieve the success that you have in your mind. And I know some examples of not-so-talented by “nature” guitarists, but with the sheer force of their will power, dedication and discipline, they have become true masters of the instrument.

It won't be easy, but remember why you have started playing in the first place, remember why the guitar is one of the best instruments in the world, remember your guitar idols and influences, and remember your goals and where you would be if you just allow yourself to be patient and persevere, and become great at this thing.

Music is the food of the soul, and you'll be able to create amazing music, and boost your self-esteem and creativity levels to the sky. Everyone around you will love you for it, but most importantly, you will love yourself for it.

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