Miscellaneous Guitar-Related Product Reviews

(Tools, accessories, Picks, Cables, and More)

Below you will find a number of miscellaneous guitar-related items that we reviewed.

Please tell us what do you think of each item by commenting inside its review, especially if you own the item and you have experience with it!

Soundbrenner Pulse

Soundbrenner Pulse – A wearable, Bluetooth metronome that you wear around your wrist, arm, or feet, and basically produces vibrating pulses according to your desired tempo, that you configure remotely inside the device's own app on your mobile device or a tablet. If the “click” sound of a conventional metronome annoys you, this could help.


Beatbuddy Drum Machine Image

Beatbuddy Pedal – Pedal Drum Machine, by Singular Sound. The first pedal drum machine that works and sounds amazing! A drum machine can be used for both fun (and I mean LOTS o

f fun) as a drums backing track, as well as to practice your rhythm and solo guitar capabilities like you normally do with a metronome, but instead, here you get the feelings of playing in a band, which will enhance your ear

capabilities and improvisation. Also great for practicing scales and composing music while your practice.

The Jamstik

Jamstik Product Image

The Jamstik – A new tool that I believe its main strength is portability and versatility as a MIDI guitar for composing music. Can be suited for specific beginners instead/with an addition to a starter guitar, as an alternative way to learn the guitar.

Dunlop Finger Picks

Dunlop Fingerpick Product Image

The Dunlop Fingerpicks – Good, durable, made from steel, and brand fingerpicks that you can rely on and enjoy a sharp clean sound from your acoustic guitar. Read the full review by clicking on the button below.

Headphones for Practice

Phillips Headphone Product Image

Headphones for Guitar Practice – Check what are the characteristics and parameters that are important to have for a productive, convenient guitar training session.

Also, included 4 headphones that we have carefully chosen and recommend to have from Amazon.

Guitar Strings

Strings Product Image

Guitar Strings – Learn all about your guitar strings, how do they work, what type of strings to pick and why, and we also offer some recommendations for guitar strings to buy from Amazon.

Guitar Cables

Fender Cable Product Image

Guitar Cables – Learn how your guitar cable works, what factors affect its sound and its ability to transfer that sound.

Additionally, we offer a small collection of guitar cables from Amazon that we highly recommend based on brand, quality, and price for the everyday guitar practice and jam.

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