The Comprehensive Lick Library Membership Review

(All You Need to Know Before Buying)


(About Lick Library)

Lick Library (or Licklibrary) is just what it is. A library of licks, or at least, it started that way! The first founders of the company, Stuart Bull and Kim Waller, have first met in a bar where Stuart was playing a blues jam track. Kim approached him and asked if he could help him with a jam track of his own for personal purposes, and Stuart accepted. Kim realized how much more fun and amusing it is to play guitar or even practice over jamming tracks, and from that moment, Kim and Stuart collaborated together and established “Total Accuracy”, which became their brand BEFORE becoming what it is today, Lick Library.

Total Accuracy featured FULL-band backing tracks on CD in rock and blues styles (and later expanded to include additional styles) for guitarists to practice and improvise over. Later on, they started to include tutorials along with their backing tracks to help beginner guitarists use those tracks in a better way.

In 1998, Kim and Stuart realized the market potential of this kind of material and decided to go online!

Kim explained:

A library of licks and riffs explained in a video download format seemed to be the most engaging form of learning after private guitar lessons with a professional instructor


Lick Library

And hence, Lick Library was born, with not only guitar backing tracks for guitarists like their older brand, but also hundreds of online guitar lessons and song lessons, and DVD lesson catalogue of over 450 famous titles such as Led Zeppelin and Simon & Garfunkel.

The Lick Library Guitar Lessons

(Online Guitar Lessons & DVDs)

Just like with any professional online guitar program, LickLibrary have a variety of online guitar lessons that you can acquire with a full membership, or you can purchase some of their highly-aclaimed DVD lessons instead. (Or both, why not! Haha)

The Online Guitar Lessons:

Their database of online guitar lessons is divided into smaller categories as follows:

  • Song Lessons – With over 490 song lessons (Up to date)
  • Technique Lessons – Over 509 guitar technique lessons (Up to date)

They also have a section of latest lessons in which you can see all the new lessons which has been submitted lately, and a “Free Lessons” section, which can hardly be called “lessons” in all honesty, they are instead samples and smaller parts of selected lessons from their database of online guitar lessons, that are aimed more at “exciting” new visitors and showcasing their lessons’ content, in an attempt to make them take action like buying a membership or one of their dvd lessons. That’s totally fine! Every guitar lessons company implement this type of “free lessons” feature to draw more potential customers. Just FYI.

Together, that makes a total of 1000+ online guitar lessons.

The Structure of the Lesson:

The lesson is delivered by, of course, a professional guitar instructor, teacher, or a professional player (like Guthrie Govan for example!), most of the lessons are done with a backing track played in the background to follow along with the exercises being taught, with 2 camera angles, one for the fretting hand, and one for the picking hand.

When the instructor is talking or explaining a certain technique, the camera focuses on all of him instead, which is a good thing in my opinion because, personally, I’d understand better on the person if I can actually see his face rather than just hear his voice.

NO tabs on the screen, unfortunately, and not even imbedded as a reference note or a pdf file.

The DVD Guitar Lessons:

These are individual DVDs that you can purchase from their website, and you can choose either the hard copy format (CDs and DVDs), or a digital copy that you can play on your own pc or laptop.

If you decide to go for the digital download, make sure that your video player supports the format of the DVD! Most of the DVDs sold in lick library come in PAL format, NTSC, or both:

Lick Library Product Information

The structure of the DVD lessons is more or less the same as with the online lessons, but of course, they tend to be “lengthier” and “broader”. For example, you can find a single DVD that is aimed for total beginners who want to learn Jazz. That DVD will go through the basic principles of guitar playing, to jazz-specific techniques, up to the point where a total beginner can become an intermediate jazz guitar player.

In my opinion, the main strength of Lick Library lies in their DVDs. I mean, that’s where they started! As a company that delivers full-band backing tracks in DVD and CD formats, and along the way they started adding instructional content to these backing track DVDs to become more than just a backing track video, but also a comprehensive guitar lesson.

They feature over 2500+ DVDs which either they created themselves, with their staff of guitar instructors, or bought copywrite over (From looking at their whole collection of DVDs) from other authors. Need more clarification on this matter from an official source.

The Lick Library Jamtrax

Lick Library feature around 1000 different and awesmoe jamming tracks for all your training and playing needs! This is what they do best, this is what they became famous from, this is their main “benchmark”.

Other online guitar programs started adding this kind of jamming tracks because of the influence of Lick Library's success in this field, and how effective and important it is to any student wanting to learn the guitar.

They have jamtrax by famous bands and artists such as AC/DC, ZZ Top, Van Halen, U2, and a lot more, each you can purchase for a few bucks.


Below are the pros and cons that you should be aware of before buying a membership or purchasing any of lick library's DVDs:

  • 25 professional guitar instructors – Highlighting some of their most important ones:
    • Danny Gill – HIGHLY proclaimed and recommended by many students and guitar figures
    • Stuart Bull – Co-Founder
    • Guthrie Govan
  • Guitar lessons with high quality content and clear visuals
  • Jamming tracks – A lot of professional jamming and backing tracks that you can purchase individually or get with a full membership access.
  • Their Best Asset: DVDs – A huge collection of high quality, instructional DVDs sorted by instructor, style, skill level, and genre.
  • Free Trial Available
  • The lack of providing or attaching TABLATURE to most of their lessons, exercises, and DVDs is really a major thing. Some can do without, but personally, I strongly prefer acquiring the tabs for a specific song or exercise, or at least having it embedded in the video!
  • A relatively small collection of guitar lessons – Only around 1000, unlike other options which have 10k+ lessons available.
  • No clear learning system – Having professional guitar lessons is great, having beginner-focused guitar lessons is even greater! However, I was deterred a bit by the lack of a clear, learning system that can go step by step with beginners, from one phase to another.
  • Lack of structure – A lack in a learning system that immitates private guitar learning as much as possible, results in a little to no structure or coherent, clear order of lessons that beginner students can follow and understand.
  • Limited camera angles – Only up to 2 camera angles at a time, wherease it's possible to add additional angles and sections to the video that can include tablature as well, without losing the focus too much on the teacher.
  • No progress report or feedback – Watch and learn kind-of style.
  • NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEE POLICY! (A free trial is available, however)

Prices and Refunds

The Lick Library membership is divided into 4 main levels that ALL give full access to all the lessons and features of the site, the only difference being:

  • Elite: ~10$/month, 0 free DVD/month, 10% discount on all products
  • Premium: ~16$/month, 1 free DVDs/month, 15% discount on all products
  • Gold: ~19$/month, 2 free DVDs/month, 20% discount on all products
  • Ultimate: ~25$/month, unlimited streaming of over 100 DVDs, 40% discount on all the products

With that being said, bear in mind that I haven't seen anywhere where it says anything about money-back guarantee policy, however, they do offer a free trial for new visitors.

If you purchase goods (a DVD for example) from Lick Library and one item was faulty, you can use their “Product Returns” contact form to request a replacement, you'll have to state your order reference number and the faulty item/s. They usually process your request and send you a replacement within 3 – 5 working days, as stated in their FAQ page.

The prices on the DVDs range from 10$ to 30$, depending on the DVD you're purchasing.

Jamming tracks (for non-members only) costs 1-3$ per jamming track, FREE for elite-ultimate members.


Lick Library is a company that really specialize in DVD guitar lessons, and full-band jamming and backing tracks. They have a huge library of DVDs and jamming tracks that are available for purchase for everybody on their website, and if you buy a membership as an elite, premium, gold, or ultimate member, you'll have huge discounts on everything they've got.

With that being said, in my honest opinion, in terms of learning guitar online from online guitar lessons, they lack in that department compared to what the other competitors are offering.

They lack a well-developed learning system that every beginner needs to make life easier and learning more effective, they have a limited number of online guitar lessons, unless you decide to go for the DVDs as well, which then you'll have to invest a lot more money, and unfortunately, they don't offer money-back guarantee after you subscribe for a full membership account. So your best bet is to go for the free trial and decide afterwards based on your experience whether it's for you or not.




6 / 10 – For online guitar training
7.5 / 10 – For DVD guitar lessons


If you're looking to buy some good DVD guitar lessons without tabs or notes, then you might find what you're looking for in Lick Library.

If you're looking for a more complete, online guitar training with lots more guitar lessons, song lessons, and a good learning system for beginners, then Lick Library might not be for you.

An alternative to this which I highly recommend for beginners, with a step by step, well designed learning system, 10k+ of guitar lessons and song lessons, amazing panel of guitar instructors, free trial AND money back guarantee, is another company with its own guitar learning program with over 2 million subscribed students, learning guitar online, at this moment. To check this alternative click the button below:


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