This Jamplay review will cover all the topics and try to answer all the questions regarding the Jamplay online guitar lessons training program with a very objective point of view.

There are a lot of options for learning the guitar nowadays (And many other sites similar to Jamplay), and it's my duty to find the best ones out there, fully analyze them, and most importantly, try to match the guitar student to the right method and right training program for maximum benefit.

There could be many options indeed, but there are only very few ones that are best suited for YOU.

Is Jamplay suitable for YOU? Is it generally any good? Are there other better options? Is it a legit or trusted site for learning to play the guitar? What are the pros and cons? All these topics and more we're going to discuss and get to the bottom of things in order to understand whether Jamplay is the right option for you or not.

Let's start by watching sample video guitar lessons from the Jamplay official website and then “define” what IS Jamplay!

Video Samples From All Their Content
Open Position Minor Pentatonic

What IS Jamplay?

Jamplay is a website specialized in delivering professional online guitar lessons and training mainly through online, streamed video lessons (With an option to download in exchange for a small, additional fee) and complimentary tools and features such as Fretboard Trainer, Scales Trainer, Jamming Tracks, live sessions, and more.

Founded back in 2006 by three American entrepreneurs, not “particularly” related much to guitars (Jeff Booth, Chris Dawson, and Kevin Wimer), but seeing how much traction the “online guitar lessons” business model is getting in the recent years and the large number of students who are shifting to learn guitar online, mostly for economical reasons, these three have decided to collaborate together and create Jamplay that we know today.

Jamplay has since managed to put together a successful, and professional panel of guitar instructors, celebrities, and artists to tailor their content of guitar lessons, articles, live training sessions and workshops, gain popularity, and increase their base number of members and followers drastically over the years. Today, it is evident that Jamplay has become so successful that some even regard it as the best online guitar training program.

Endorsed by companies and associations such as Guitar Pro, Premier Guitar, Guitar World, EMG Pickups, Sweetwater, and highly rated in Trustpilot and BBB (Better Business Bureaus) by real customers who actually tried and went through the program before, all this helps adding to its authenticity and reliability as an online guitar lessons service website, right from the start even before we start analyzing the content.

After contacting them in an attempt to make them give me a free access to their full membership area so I can test and review their entire program, from the website's interface and user experience to the learning tools, guitar lessons, and the guitar instructors, they immediately responded by giving me a full one month exclusive free access. I was thrilled and very excited to try it out for a full month and be able to really see what it's like from the inside, and how the training really goes. It's also a sign of full confidence in their program because I can easily write a bad review of it if I discover that the program is lacking, and eventually recommend other programs. So, that's also a thing to consider.

Here's the email response that I got from them:


Jamplay has one of the most dedicated, innovative teams in the “online guitar lessons” business working behind it. Among all the guitar lessons websites that I know, Jamplay perhaps has the most diverse, modern, and innovative content.

I'm in touch with them and I contact them every once in a while to check for new and updated content. And for the year 2019, I've learned from one of their officials that:

  • They are adding the ability to download their lessons for a small price, which will make it even more convenient to watch them and learn
  • Of course, more new content added every day, including more licensed song lessons, normal instructional lessons, new articles, and more
  • More LIVE classes and workshops

The price hasn't changed, but you can grab any of the coupons below to cut down on the prices significantly and always keep an eye on new promotions and offers made available especially on holidays like the Christmass, Black Friday, Labor Day and more. They always give special gifts and price discounts on occasions like these.

One of the best features of Jamplay, in addition to having well-structured courses and lessons, is that they offer live help, direct feedback/assessment, and an organized progress report. A thing to keep in mind as well for 2017.

All the Jamplay Coupon Codes

Who doesn't love a coupon code, right? With the following coupon codes, you can have a decent discount for any of the Jamplay membership plans. Check them out (If you find any outdated coupons, please let me know in the comments at the bottom!):

  • 33C6CE – Get a flat 10% OFF of any subscription method, even yearly! (RECOMMENDED).
  • 1BA1E2 – 25% OFF on the first month only.
  • Gotime50 – 50% OFF your first month on Jamplay

NOTE: They offer other coupons too, from time to time – (In holiday season for example)

The First Visit as a Jamplay Member

Your first visit to Jamplay as a registered member will be confronted with questions about your goals and your desires as a guitar player for the future. Goals are important as we stated repeatedly in different posts here because it gives you something to look up to and aim for. It basically helps you stay focused and dedicated throughout your training because it reminds you that you want to achieve something.

Here's how it looks:

They want to know your experience playing on the guitar, your skill level, styles you're interested in, specific instructors you'd love to work with, and other personal guitar-related preferences so they know how to guide you to the right places to start your training. (And btw, you can change this at any time)

I like this approach because it allows me to have some control over my training, instead of being forced to use one or two “general” training routes.

After you finish this process, you are then redirected to their homepage which is the primary membership area.

In the beginning, I got a little overwhelmed because the homepage is full of “action”. Lots of stuff to click on and features to try, but the best way to start with Jamplay is through the main menu where you can navigate the whole website and find everything you want, and then visit the homepage or other pages once in a while to check for any updates, new articles, live lessons, upcoming new courses, etc.

My suggestion is to start with the “Lessons” menu and then choose “Phase 1 (Beginners)” (See below) where you'll get to start learning the guitar right from scratch, with all the basics and start building your playing foundation that'll be your basis throughout your journey of playing the guitar.

If you're a beginner, do NOT try to go for the more advanced stuff until you finish this crucial step. You'll gain nothing and lose everything by skipping the basic training because it's the basics that you'll be building your entire playing basis on.

It's very important to learn the basics properly! You can learn or modify your playstyle and technique at will but the basics? it will accompany you throughout every second of your guitar playing, at every skill level you achieve. 

Jamplay has one of the most amazing learning systems among all the guitar training websites (Along with GuitarTricks and Truefire) and I suggest that you use that powerful system to your advantage, since you're already paying for it, right? Otherwise, what's the point?!

So after you finish the questionnaire on your first visit to Jamplay and get sent to their homepage, just look around and get yourself acquainted with all the stuff that are there, you don't have to check or understand everything, just try to feel comfortable with it in the beginning because you'll be visiting it a lot, and then jump to the phase 1 training and begin your lessons immediately.

Don't get too hung up or overwhelmed by the many “clickable” things you're going to find there because Jamplay indeed has lots of action and a variety of options to choose from inside the homepage itself, just begin with the lessons and allow for some time for yourself to digest everything slowly and sooner than you'd think, it'll become like second nature to you to navigate and use their website.

Utilizing The Whole Website, From The Main Menu

From the main menu you can access everything and here's how it looks:

As you can see, all the lessons, workshops, and tools are accessible from the top menu bar. To show you what exactly are in them, I took screenshots of the “Lessons” and “Live” menu pages:

The “Lessons” Menu Page

The “Tools” Menu Page

Tools Menu Page Jamplay

The “Live” Menu Page

The “Lessons” Menu Page: Basically it contains all the four phases of their training program, although, the way I see it, it is mainly two important phases which are:

  • Phase 1 (Beginners): This is where you begin your training, it contains everything you need as a beginner in order to learn and reach the intermediate-advance level. Pick an instructor, and then follow the series strictly and patiently as they have a really good system for beginners.
  • Phase 2 (Advanced): By finishing phase 1 you are no longer a beginner. You should be a little over intermediate level, which makes you ready to the more advanced training. This includes branching out to learn about other genres and style that you're more interested in (Jazz, Blues, Fingerstyle, Metal, Hawaiian, Bluegrass, Rock, Celtic, Classical, Country, Surf, Funk, Flamenco, Folk, R&B, Reggae, Brazilian, Gospel, Pop, Acoustic Rock).

    Song lessons
     are HIGHLY recommended at this stage because it's entertaining and fun and you've probably been wanting to learn how to play songs on the guitar from day one, so it'll make your training much more interesting and give boost to your motivation.

So basically follow Phase 1 (Beginners) till the end, and then go to Phase 2 (Genres & Skills) while checking out the Phase 3 (Songs) every now and then or when you're bored of the formal training and exercises.

Regarding Songwriting, I wouldn't recommend this phase for early beginners-intermediate, but if this is something that you're so passionate about, then go for it after finishing the beginner phase.

Artist Series: If you are eager to learn how to play like your favorite guitarist, then this area is for you. Artist Series contains guitar lessons about various artists and bands in an attempt to study their style and be able to sound like them.

You will study artist-unique techniques and picking styles, tricks, rhythming techniques, and commonly used licks in order to help you sound just like your favorite artist.

In this section you will find lessons teaching you how to play in the style of Jimi Hendrix, Tom Morello, Joe Satriani, David Gilmour, Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Clapton, Slash, Van Hallen, Wes Montgomery and many others.

The “Live” Menu Page: Anything that is scheduled to go live, you will find it here.

One of Jamplay's UNIQUE features is the “Live” feature, whiches close to non-existence in most other online guitar training websites, even among the top ones. This gives Jamplay a huge advantage over them because it makes it possible to have some kind of “give and take“, or “feedback“, between the student and the teacher, a thing which can be beneficial to a large degree.

Now don't expect it to be similar to a private guitar tutor situation, where your tutor can see and monitor everything you're doing on the guitar, and immediately correct you if you're making mistakes and gives you feedback in return, but it is the closest thing that you can get to this situation from a huge online guitar training website such as Jamplay.

You can also find and view all the archived courses from this section.

Expect to find the following in live:

  • Live Q/A sessions
  • Live Workshops
  • Live Courses
  • Live Chat

You'll also be informed of any upcoming live activities so you are able to follow what interests you in advance.

Here's an example of a live course scheduled to “Monday”:

The “Tools” Menu Page:

Here you can find very useful tools to your guitar learning such as Chord and Scale Library, Jam Tracks, Metronome, Guitar and Bass Tuner, Chord Namer and Training Games.

There are 950 000+ chord voicings across multiple tunings in the Chord Library – This makes this chord library one of the best, if not the best out there on the internet.

In the Scale library, you have all the scales and modes – even the exotic ones!
The JamTracks button will lead to an amazing collection of Jam tracks you can jam on.

Every Jam Track comes with tablature and chord progression of the backing track.
There is option so you can also download the jam tracks.

Tuner: You can tune your guitar by ear or with the help of the digital tuner.

What I find the most interesting tool here is the “Chord Namer”, which basically is giving you the fretboard of the guitar on which you can apply your finger positions (with clicking on the fretboard), and on the right side – it shows the name of the chord and its notes. This is a great tool to find the name of the chord you have stumbled upon in a song or by accident in your playing.

Training games are also very useful for those who want to check their knowledge in music notation and reading, or fretboard memorization.

Jamplay and Bass Guitar

Learning Bass Guitar With Jamplay

There is a whole other world to Jamplay: Bass Guitar Courses!!!

With names like Billy Sheehan, David Ellefson, Freebo, and many others in this caliber, Jamplay launched one of the best Bass Guitar learning programs ever.
Beginner, intermediate or advanced bass player, you can benefit a lot from this program.

Just like Jamplay for Guitar, the Jamplay for Bass has the same learning path:

  • Phase 1 – Beginner, absolute basics,
  • Phase 2 – Genre and style specific techniques and skills
  • Phase 3 – Learning your favorite songs
  • Phase 4 – Artists series

Building their bass guitar lessons and instructors catalog since 2013, Jamplay managed to be one of the best learning programs for bass guitar players too!

The pricing of the program is the same as the regular Jamplay guitar program, which makes it probably the most affordable bass learning program ever.

While there are other viable sources for learning bass guitar playing online, many players who have tried them are encouraging others to give it a try at Jamplay.

Many bassists are satisfied with it, while others think some of the other options are better (SBL for example). Well, the 7-day free trial is not an option for the bass players on Jamplay, and that is pretty unfair (if you ask me), but 19.95$ won’t break the bank and you will get 30-day all access membership.

And if you are already a member of the guitar program on Jamplay, you can get a discount for taking both programs.

The Social Aspect And The Community

From the live functionality, we come to the community of Jamplay.

It is evident by the numerous social features that Jamplay cares to have a healthy social activity among its members. These features include the following:

  • Live Chat: You can enter a chat “application” with many active members and teachers, and ask your questions instantly or just have a conversation with other members. And the moment I checked the chat window, there was a teacher playing live, I will assume that you occasionally get a guitar instructor to play on the guitar or answer questions in the live chat.
  • Articles: with the ability to comment and give feedback.

These articles are called “Weekend Warrior” and are published regularly on a weekly basis. Each article focuses on one issue related to guitar playing, in which the author (one of the guitar teachers) tries to give solutions to and shed some light on the subject. Here's one of the customers commenting on a “Weekend Warrior” article:

  • Live Lessons and Courses – Check the Live Menu Page for any upcoming live courses, don't miss a session on your favorite topic or by your favorite guitar teacher!
  • A Custom Profile: Where you can write about yourself and add images, and you can visit other members’ profiles and send messages.

Pros and Cons

  • A big number of guitar teachers and artists – The biggest among their top competitors. All the teachers are professionals, they're either certified guitar instructors or artists and celebrities (they got Lita Ford there!).

    In both cases, they have all the credibility to do their job professionally, so it's not kids play.

  • A big number of guitar lessons – Not the biggest, but nevertheless, they still have a huge collection of video guitar lessons that cover almost every aspect of guitar playing (Check the free video samples of some of those lessons in the beginning of this review).
  • Live Q/A with the teachers.
  • Live Workshops
  • Tools: Included free of charge:
    • A Metronome: One of the best tools to practice speed and accuracy on the guitar. If you're looking for a more serious and convenient Metronome, then I suggest taking a look at Soundbrenner Pulse Metronome. An innovative, new, smart wearable metronome that works on vibration instead of “clicks”.
    • Guitar Tuner
    • Chord Library
    • Scale Library
    • Jamtracks
    • Chord Namer
    • Training Games
    • And more …
  • Bass guitar Lessons – This is not included in the guitar program, but if you are willing to learn the bass, you can do it on Jamplay for the same price a guitarist would pay for the guitar program.
  • No additional fees – Once a member, all their content is available for you to use any way you like.
  • Inexpensive – The price is pretty much worth the content in my opinion. (Scroll down for pricing)
  • Free seven-day trial – You can try it before you buy it (This does not apply to Bass)
  • Custom Progress Report – So you can track and monitor your own progress through the lessons.

    You can also mark your progress on any lesson, bookmark it, and even write notes just like in any educational system.

Here is the Custom Progress Report in their own words:

One of their students told me the following about the Custom Progress Report (from social media):
Jamplay worked great for me for one year. I tried many of the others but Jamplay was able to keep me focused and on track the way they organize the progress report

  • The large number of features and lessons can be intimidating at first. Also, the homepage area can be overwhelming for new members.
    Follow the lessons through Phase 1 and Phase 2 as I recommended and allow yourself some time to get acquainted with their website and user interface.
  • Some lessons can be very formal and intensive, and thus you might lose interest or focus. This is a normal thing, but if this thing happens, my recommendation to you is to have a break, then try to look up some of the song lessons that they have, this will help you relief the stress and enjoy yourself.

However, be careful not to fully ignore the beginner training even if it was difficult or boring at times because this is the main training that will create your foundation and develop your basic skills on the guitar, which are super essential and detrimental to your progress later on!


Jamplay offers three different subscription plans: Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly.

The following prices are taken from their official website but take into consideration that they are NOT final. Sometimes there are promotions and discounts (especially on holidays), and Jamplay can change them anytime they want. It's better to always check the Jamplay website for the real, updated prices.

(Don't forget to add the Coupons)
Jamplay Subscription Fees

Money Back Guarantee:

Jamplay has a 30-day money back guarantee policy. Which means, you can subscribe to any of the paying methods above, and if within 30 days of your subscription you feel unsatisfied or unhappy about the program, they're bound to return your money to you, no questions asked.

30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy by Jamplay

Considering the very low price of around 13$/month for the yearly subscription, which is half of one real guitar lesson by a private guitar instructor, and the money back guarantee policy, I'd personally recommend going already for the yearly subscription, that is if you are really serious about learning the guitar.

And the reason for that is, learning the guitar is a process like any other learning process. It takes time for your brain and muscle memory to absorb new information and learn them properly.

Also, your hands and fingers must develop enough stamina and agility to follow up with new and more difficult exercises as you make progress.

In order to see real progress on the guitar, you've got to give yourself enough time to develop mentally and physically.

One month or two isn't enough. Even three is not enough.

The conditions in which I would go for the monthly or quarterly subscription are: Either when I'm not sure if I'm into guitars that much, or I'm not sure about my dedication, or that I'm skeptic about the program. But even then, regardless of the subscription method, you'd still be covered by the money back guarantee policy that they have.

A year, however, is enough time to start seeing some real advances on the guitar. With a year, if you follow their instructions and practice hard, you can transform yourself from a beginner to an advanced guitar player who can play lots of songs, can improvise, and use slides, bending, and the different picking techniques professionally.

It's very possible and I know of a few who've done it in under a year!

Now don't get me wrong, ask any expert guitar player and he'll tell you that learning the guitar takes a lifetime. Being able to play your favorite songs and implement some of the more advanced techniques is only the beginning,  but if you've managed to reach this point, then consider yourself successful already.

From that point on, it will be up to you to decide whether you want to stay advanced, or pursue the expert level of guitar playing and unlock the full power of the guitar.

Wrapping Up


Bottom line, Jamplay is a very solid online guitar learning program that offers thousands of streamed guitar lessons, tools, professional instructors, live sessions and workshops, and lots more. It is an all-inclusive space for guitarists to gather from all around the world and learn guitar from top guitar professionals through high quality (And now 4k) streamed video guitar lessons.

The program is suited best for beginners and is aimed to bring the students to the mid – late advanced levels with a specially designed learning system and organized genre-specific lessons and courses.

So if you haven't touched the guitar before, or you're a few months into guitar learning, or you've started learning but quitted early and want to give your guitar another chance, then Jamplay is a suitable guitar program for you and one that I strongly recommend.

With the 30-day money back guarantee policy for all members and on all the subscription plans, there's really nothing to lose by giving it a try yourself as I did.

MY RATING: 9.5 / 10

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