Online Guitar Learning Program

Company Name: Jamplay



Jamplay is one of my 3 favorite online guitar training programs.

It's relatively “new”, compared to all the other top programs, started in 2006, jamplay pays huge attention to customer needs, and modern technology advances in regards to capturing their video lessons and delivering them to the students. It's one of the most progressive programs out there, always bringing new and modern content, with an advanced and popular progress report for teacher feedback, technique and song lessons, artist-specific lessons, tools and jamtrax, and of course, a solid learning system for beginners.

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  • Learning System
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Quality (Lessons, Instructors)
  • Song Lessons
  • Diversity (Lessons for different styles, genres, and guitar types)
  • Trustworthy (Reputation and endorsement)
  • Safe (Money-back guarantee, free trial)

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