Is guitar easy to learn or hard? The other day I wrote a post about what makes learning the guitar hard (click here to check it). Today, I’m going to discuss all the things that make it rather easy!

Compare any two musical instruments and you will notice that both have a difficult side and an easy one.

Below I’m going to take the guitar in general and highlight some of the top things that make learning the guitar easy! So let’s check them out.

Reason 1. Tablature!

Tablature is the number 1 reason for making the guitar easy to learn and play. In most other instruments, you are forced to learn music theory and musical notations and intervals before you even think of touching the instruments.

When I started learning on the Oud when I was 14, I remember my first 10 private lessons were about music theory, intervals, and rhythm. And yes, I didn’t touch the instrument, not even for a single note.

Tablature is a tremendous system that can fully replace musical notations for guitarists. All you have to do is follow the numbers and place your fingers accordingly on the fretboard.

However, you will still have to have a good sense of the rhythm and have a basic knowledge of intervals and pauses if you don’t want to be fully dependent on your ears when listening to the song or the drill you are practicing.

Tablature is very common and used heavily with the guitar, though it is not exclusive to it. The nature of this system makes it practical and usable with any fretted instrument such as the lute, as well as instruments like the harmonica where you can utilize the numbering system to easily indicate to specific locations on the instrument.

Tablature Software

Guitar Pro is an amazing software that can view, play, and compose tablature.

Click to check my review on the software, as well as where to find a free alternative.

Learn to Read Tabs

Click here to go to my other older post and learn how to read guitar tabs in case you don't know how.

Reason 2. The Chords!

Chords” is the second major reason for making the guitar an easy instrument. Sure, there are a lot of complex chords and strumming patterns, and if you want to delve into chord progression and the theory behind it, prepare yourself for a challenge.

However, the major basic chords (Like the C Chord, D, Em, Am, G, etc) is very easy to learn, and it allows beginners to already play a big array of songs knowing only their chords and the right progression.

Many songs use only two chords and they make an excellent choice as camp songs to play and sing along all night with friends and family. A luxury that can’t be achieved with any other instrument except the guitar.

Reason 3. Accessible

This is related to classical and acoustic guitar only. The guitar is an instrument that you can store in a gig bag or an appropriate guitar case, or you can leave it hanging on a special guitar stand outside in your room. All you have to do is grab the instrument and start playing, no initial settings required or a special place to store or install the instrument in, like in the case of Drums and Piano, for example.

Easy access to the instrument leads to longer practicing time overall during the day (Because you can grab it multiple times even for a few minutes each time, and all this adds up at the end of the day), and also, to higher motivation to play.

Reason 4. Relatively Cheap

This too is related to classic and acoustic guitar only. With an affordable price of between 150-250$, you can get a very decent acoustic or classical guitar to start learning the instrument immediately. Adding another hundred and you can get yourself a good guitar that can be suitable for both beginners and advanced players, and in all honesty, can stick with you all your life without needing to change anything in it except the strings occasionally.

The guitar is much more affordable and accessible than the Piano, the Keyboard, the Drums, and the Bass. However, aerophone instruments like the harmonica and the flute beat the guitar in this department.

Flexibility in prices for the guitar leads to the ability to obtain a decent instrument for your skill level, and the option to renew it if needed. Being forced to play on a bad instrument because of financial issues will lead to less effective training and motivation.

Reason 5. Abundant Informational and Instructional Material

The guitar is the most popular instrument in the world, and perhaps one of the most talked about and written about musical instruments on the internet.

There are abundant sources (free and paid) for learning the guitar on the internet, and you can find instructional material on the instrument on just about anything you want.

From techniques to learning songs and chords, all is easily accessible through google and youtube where you can find professional guitarists like John Petrucci, Guthrie Govan, Tommy Emmanuel and many others giving away their secrets.

However, the best sources on the internet I found to be in the paid online guitar programs because they provide appropriate and whole learning systems that are ideal for the guitar beginner and intermediate. These programs also focus on building a strong technical foundation on which you can build and grow your techniques upon, a thing which I find to be super mandatory for any serious guitarist, who wants to truly excel his instrument.

Two of the best online programs I was able to find are Jamplay and Guitar Tricks, both provide excellent material for the beginner guitarist (GuitarTricks is more beginner friendly in my opinion) with thousands of quality instructional guitar lessons and song lessons done by certified and professional guitar teachers. Check my reviews on both programs below and sign up for a trial period to test them out:


There are both difficult and easy aspects of playing the guitar. Being an affordable and an easily accessible instrument to the player create an encouraging environment to learn it.

With the easy Tablature system, guitarists can engage with the instrument and learn new songs and drills without the need to know much about music theory, except perhaps rhythm and intervals.

The Chords are also another factor for making the guitar easy to play, with the easy beginner chords like the C, D, and G chords, beginner guitarists can already begin playing a lot of the popular songs with an easy chord progression and entertain and impress everyone around them.

Knowing all of the above, I hope I was able to boost your motivation and your passion for playing and continuing learning to play on the guitar and become a great player.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Good luck!

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