This interview is special. It's special because Melina Krumova, the CEO and Founder of Drooble, is going to introduce herself to us, talk about her journey into the music world and her passion for playing the guitar, about her band, and of course, she's gonna tell us all about Drooble and the inspiration behind the idea.

If you haven't heard about Drooble before, and you are a musician of any kind, then it's about time that you learn about it from the CEO and Founder herself, and why you should go and create an account there right now and start discovering more musicians and like-minded people in this big, amazing social network for musicians.

Elias: Hi Melina and welcome. We are so glad and honored to have you with us today here in our modest guitar blog. Just before we go into Drooble, why don't you tell us more about yourself first?

Melina: Thank you, Elias, and likewise, I'm very happy for this opportunity for us to chat and introduce myself and Drooble to all the audience of this site.

Melina: My name is Melina, as you all already know, and I simply looove music 🙂 It brings me so much joy and inspiration that I’ve gradually included it in all aspects of my life. These are my music and non-music passions:

– I’m a guitar player in Grimaze – metal band.

– I’m currently running RockSchool – a non-profit organization that grows music culture in my home country through various possibilities for musicians such as: music school, rehearsal spaces, concert venue, recording studio and media for underground artists.

– A huge part of my life is Drooble – a platform that connects all musicians around the world and gives them tools to collaborate, support each other and grow as artists.

– Apart from music I also love digging into my inner world, writing poetry and climbing mountains.

Elias: It's clearly evident that music is a big part of your life. Your soul must be full! As the old saying: Music is the food of the soul. 🙂 Congratulations and all I can say is – Wish more strength and success to you to spread this music inspirations to others around you and throughout the whole world as well.
Now that you gave us a glimpse into your personality, tell us all about this amazing network called DROOBLE that you started!

Melina: I’ve experienced a major inner transformation and joy through music and I simply wanted to share this possibility with as many people as possible by spreading the culture of music. At first I got inspired to create RockSchool – the local musicians’ community I spoke of above. In time, I realized that if I want music to reach more people we need to go from local to global 🙂 And this is how the idea for Drooble came along. We’ve created a place that unites all musicians around the world and gives them opportunities to develop their talent.

With Drooble we want to change the culture of communication between musicians so they can be more supportive of one another. That’s why we introduced our “karma economy” which basically means that if you contribute to the community and help fellow musicians – you earn points. Then you can spend those points on various ways to promote your music online.

On Drooble musicians also could:

  • Get broadcasted on our online radio
  • Start discussions and receive feedback from others
  • Find musicians to play with
  • Collaborate and make music with people from all over the world

Drooble may also be useful to the representatives of the business side of music such as producers, club owners, sound engineers, etc. as musicians are usually their customers. And each day our base of musicians grows. 🙂

Last but not least – Drooble can also be useful to fans if they want to explore the human side of the musicians they love.

Elias: What is the cost to join Drooble? Are there any payments required?

Melina: Drooble is completely free and will remain that way.

Elias: You are a guitar player. Awesome! Tell us how did you learn to play guitar?

Melina: I think learning guitar is an endless journey one can never accomplish and that’s the beauty of it. Music is the greatest teacher itself if one would open to it but when it comes to more practical sources – I’ve used various.

I started learning with a human teacher since the very beginning and today I also take lessons. I hold a great respect for the teacher-student relationship as it has helped me to achieve a faster and more efficient progress. Not only in the technical aspect of playing but in my overall perception and view of music. It is also very useful for me to hear another opinion, to have someone who can watch me play and make improvement suggestions.

I’ve also learned a lot from all the guitar players and bands I like, playing their songs and experiencing their music.

And of course – there are many useful apps and websites such as that help us – modern musicians in our development. So thank you for spreading the music knowledge around. 🙂

Elias: Thank you so much and I appreciate the acknowledgment. I try my best to present the best options for learning the guitar online for beginners up to intermediate. From advanced and up I strongly recommend getting guidance from a good local guitar teacher to go step-by-step and with constant feedback with the student.
You are in a BAND! And you are the main guitarist of the band, which is super cool. I don't know why but I always get inspired and excited seeing a female guitarist killing it on the guitar! 🙂 Great job.
Tell us about your band, how did you find each other? do you play in gigs? What music do you mostly play?

Melina: Our band is called GRIMAZE and we play metal with some groove/death elements in it. My brother took the vocals part in the band and I play the guitar. We also have a drummer and a bassist. We all met around RockSchool.

Here’s something of us, video of our song “Survival of the Fittest”:

We play a lot of gigs and we tour. Even now we are on the road 🙂

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