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In this page, I'll be putting all the important links that are related to guitars. This is an important page and I suggest that you bookmark it and keep an eye on it, as I will keep updating it with more useful links over time. If you know other links and websites that you think are important and should be mentioned here, please let me know in a comment or via my Email (, or through social networks.


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  • Guitar Backing Tracks and Jamming Tracks: This article written here in Novice Guitar contains all the best websites that offer free (and some paid) guitar jamming and backing tracks. It's a great way to have fun with your guitar, as well as practice your lead guitar with an original tempo and rhythm, and practice essential guitar techniques such as vibrato with bending, improvisations, and more …




  • Guitar Tabs: There are few websites that offer a good collection of guitar tabs, but the most popular most known source of guitar tabs on the internet is a website called
    It offers a huge collection of guitar tabs with various file extensions (including extensions for Tab Pro, Guitar Pro, normal txt files, and more), real ratings by users for each tab, tabs for electric, acoustic, and claUltimate Guitarssical guitar (from Steve Vai, to Metallica, to J.S Bach), comments, forums, and more. Highly recommended.
    Another website worth mentioning here for finding guitar tabs, is a website called Also recommended.




  • Guitar Teaching Websites: Linking to a page here in Novice Guitar, where I concentrate all my reviews on guitar teaching programs (and I keep adding more with time), I try my best to find the best programs on the internet that have experience, professional instructors, and great reputation gained through many years in the business.Featured pic
    For me, to learn an instrument and really be good at it, you've got to have a good foundation and a good grasp of the fundamentals, and you can't achieve that alone by yourself. Getting help from professionals that know what they are doing, and can help you acquire all the necessary tools and information to most efficiently learn the guitar and master it, is of utmost important in my opinion.

    These programs also offer a systematic, organised structure for learning that you don't find anywhere else. Knowing what to learn, when, and what comes next, is also an important aspect of learning any instrument that is overlooked by many beginner guitarists.


  • AcousticGuitarForum: This is the largest guitar forum on the internet. Although being more focused on acoustic guitars, it has sections for classical and electric guitars as well. It has a huge user base numAcoustic Guitar Forumber, many guitarists of all levels and experiences, and anyone can become a member.
    Having so many users, this forum has strict rules for promoting and advertising, they don't allow it whatsoever. However, it's a great forum to discuss your favorite guitar, music, share your love of the guitar with others, ask questions, or just meet like-minded people that are also interested in guitars. 





  • JohnPetrucci: This is an unusual link, being a big fan of John Petrucci and his music, and admiring him as a great technical guitar player and shredder and one of the founders of the famous Dream Theater John Petrucciband, I decided to mention his new website here.
    Learn about John Petrucci and his journey in becoming the guitar master that he is, learn more about his gear, tour dates, events, images, fan stuff, and lots more.
    John Petrucci is a guitar virtuoso that I recommend every electric guitar player to follow.




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