So you want to make your own guitar pick, ha? Since guitar picks are probably the cheapest guitar accessories out there, with so many variations by so many big brands like the Dunlop, I never understood the craze behind making your own guitar pick!

But I figured since it’s so easy to do, and I know many are asking this question or have thought about it but didn’t know where to begin, I will explain the process of how to make your own guitar pick here in simple details, with five simple steps.

So, without further ado, let’s get on it!

STEP 1: Finding the Right Material

Many will tell you pick that material, choose that material, material X is the best, etc. I won’t tell you that, however.

You want to know what material to use? Easy. Grab an old or new pick that you have, and simply feel it out. Play with it a bit, twist it around gently, and “learn” its level of flexibility, thickness, and stiffness. Once you do that you will immediately come up with a few candidates to the material that you want to use for your DIY guitar pick.

One popular choice by many, is an old Credit Card that’s outdated or canceled, or any similar type of cards for that matter.

The reason it’s popular is that it’s widely spread, probably you or your sibling have a bunch of unused credit cards in your wallet that you would be happy to sacrifice. And you can also make a DOZEN of picks with only one card!

Another reason is, of course, the flexibility and thickness resemblance between the credit card and the guitar pick!

All this make your old credit card the perfect choice for your new DIY project. I recommend that you USE THAT!

STEP 2: Draw a Guitar Pick Shape on your Material of Choice!

Get your old guitar pick and put it on the credit card (if that is what you picked to make your guitar pick!). I’d suggest placing it on the corner first so you can make as many guitar picks as the size of the credit card allows! If you choose to make only one for now, you can always save that credit card for later when you wish to create more.

Now, grab a pen or a marker, and trace the shape of the pick on the credit card.

STEP 3:  Cut Out the Pick Shape That You Drew in STEP 2!

Grab a pair of sharp scissors or an X-Acto knife, and cut out the shape of the pick carefully! Make sure that at least the tip of the pick is cut perfectly because it’s the most important part of the pick. If it’s cut too sharp or too dull, that’ll affect your sound. If it’s too stiff or too flexible, that’ll also have an impact.

Bottom line is, be precise cutting out the tip of the pick as much as possible!

STEP 4: File Down the Corners of your Newly Made Pick!

You have cut out the pick shape out of your credit card, but you aren’t finished yet. You need to smoothen the edges now so it feels better in your hand, and plays better! That’s an important step.

The best material to use here is sandpaper, but you can use anything you want for that matter, as long as it does the job.

Grab a piece of rough scrap of sandpaper and carefully sand down the corners and the edges to a more rounded shape. Pay a special attention to the pick’s tip and sand it down in ALL directions, that’ll make a smoother, better shaped tip for a perfect playing experience.

STEP 5: USE Your Pick!

Congratulations! That’s it, You’ve finished your project. Easier than expect, right?

All you have to do now is USE your pick, play the guitar with it, and get used to it. You always need to play with a new pick for a while before you feel comfortable using it! So, use your new DIY pick and take your time until you become comfortable with it.

Additional Stuff You Can Make With the New Pick!

So now you have your own, new, awesome, cool guitar pick that you've just made and are proud of! It is time to “customize” it now to your liking.

These are just a few ideas you can use to further customize your newly made guitar pick to suit your taste:

  1. Paint it: Grab your paints and be creative! You can use any color you like. That'll also be useful to cover the writings and information on your credit card.
  2. Draw on it: You can also draw the logo of your favorite band on it, or just any shape that you want! For example: The logo of Metallica, a skull shape, the logo of Pantera, the \m/ shape, and more! Use your imagination.
  3. Cut it: You can cut the top part of the pick to sculpt it into a new shape! A great example of that is the Tenacious D pick, pick of destiny, found at the bottom of this post here: How to Practice the Guitar Effectively.
  4. Duplicate it: You can create even more picks from the space left on your obsolete, used credit card.
  5. Wear it: You can cut a small hole in it and slide a leather cord through it and use it as a necklace if you want!

That's all! Hope you enjoyed this little guide, please share and comment below if you have anything to say.

If you have created a pick using the method explained here or using another method, please tell us below about your own method or what materials you have used, and send us some photos and we'll publish them under your name!

Enjoy. 🙂

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