So you want to know how to learn guitar online, eh? Almost all of us guitarists, beginners or advanced, have surfed the internet looking for new ways to learn the guitar, or to simply download some tab file for a song we’ve heard and wanted to play, or just went straight to youtube to watch one of Steve Vai’s epic performances and started pondering: How on earth he managed to develop this high level of skill and technique playing the guitar?

Well, for casual guitar playing and if you’re satisfied with your guitar skills for now, then, by all means, continue doing what you’re doing if you think it’s working for you.

If you want to learn how to best use the internet to really learn how to play the guitar, improve your skills and techniques, amplify your training, and start learning some of the advanced, but extremely fun songs from your favorite songs and bands collection, without a real private guitar instructor, then this post is for you.

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Free Guitar Lessons, Tabs, and Youtube. Does it Work?

Yes! For sure, it works in a sense that it can get you from point A to B, but not C, D, or G.

What I mean by that is, there are plenty of free guitar “lessons” on Youtube out there, and some of them are great like the one delivered by Steve Vai himself, and dubbed as the largest free online guitar lesson. It’s a great lesson that I recommend everyone to watch and follow along with this great guitar prodigy who is one of my guitarist idols.

So much it’s good, I had to analyze and interpret each part of the lesson in a different post, dedicated only to that one lesson, find it here:

The problem, though, only a few free lessons come as great as this one, and the big majority of them either:

  • Incomplete – Meaning, made in a way to teach you “something”, but in order to learn more and get the full complete lesson and training, you have to pay …
  • No Structure – Only a single “lesson” which is nothing but a demonstration of techniques, which you can easily learn alone by watching one of your favorite guitarists live, plus no follow-up training OR a coherent structure of lessons that will make learning a technique effective, sort of like attending one lesson of a whole course in the middle of the semester.
  • No Learning System – Similar to the above, no learning system that is tested and proven, and designed by professionals to make your training worthy and effective.
  • Bad – Just bad, wrong, or inaccurate. Would avoid at all costs!


It is MUCH better to focus on getting a guitar software like Guitar Pro, download as many tabs and exercises as you like, and practice by playing those tabs hour, after hour, after hour, and keep repeating this process until you get bored and tired for lack of progress at SOME point.

While this is a better option than relying on free lessons, it is still far from being even nearly as effective and efficient as the methods I’m going to show you below, and even if you combine both practicing tabs and free lessons, you will only be able to reach a certain point, hit the ceiling quite fast, and stop progressing from there, and before you know it you’ll end up quitting on the instrument because of lack of motivation and interest due to lack of progress.

So what’s the solution?

Professional Online Guitar Lessons

Professional online guitar lessons is no doubt the best method to learn guitar online we’ve got so far.

Many great websites, programs, courses, and services online offer some solid online guitar training for a fraction of a single private guitar lesson by a private instructor, and to be honest, many of them are worth checking out. Just to name a few:

In addition you have individual courses that you can purchase online such as Elmore Music and The Professional Guitar Masterclass by Udemy, which offer training for a single guitar topic (Like acoustic guitar techniques, electric guitar techniques, genre-specific courses like bluegrass, blues, rock, and so on) which are also worth to check if this type of training suits you more.

About Truefire and Licklibrary, I haven’t checked them myself yet so I can’t give my opinion or evaluation on them, but I heard that they’re good!

However, I did try GuitarTricks and Jamplay with a trial account for a month and was able to test all their content out and I can safely say that they both offer some SOLID, great online guitar training that caters especially to the guitar beginner, and up to the late advanced levels.

GuitarTricks have a FREE TRIAL which you can claim from our HOMEPAGE, you can try it yourself for 14 days, completely free, and only purchase a plan if you like to continue using their program after the trial period ends.

They also have a 60-day money back guarantee, which will guarantee your full satisfaction, if you’ve changed your mind after a while for any reason.

Add to it the fact that GuitarTricks was the first to ever introduce the term “online guitar lessons” back in the year 1998, they started this whole trend of online guitar lessons with professional, certified guitar instructors, and now they have over 11,000 guitar lessons, 600 guitar song lessons, and a staggering number of over 2 million subscribers.

They have the best learning system for beginners that is designed and crafted by their own panel of professional guitar instructors, to meet the needs and requirements of every guitar beginner.

With all of the above information, I find it hard not to recommend GuitarTricks as my primary and top choice for all your online guitar training needs.

Jamplay, on the other hand, is a new guitar program but is quickly getting more and more popular because of its diverse and big content of guitar lessons, tools, jam tracks and exercises, they have a team that is very responsive to their customers’ needs and requests, they’re very innovative in their design of both the layout of the site and the video guitar lessons, always using multiple angles and high-res (and even 4K) to shoot all of their video lessons, and they even started introducing private tutoring and downloadable video guitar lessons due to high request rate from their customers!

Read my full reviews of GuitarTricks and Jamplay below:

You can also go to our Homepage where you can get a Free Trial for GuitarTricks, read why online guitar lessons is your best alternative to private guitar tutoring, and there’s also a very good comparison between GuitarTricks and Jamplay with many video guitar lesson samples that you can watch freely!


The best way to learn guitar online is through a trusted source of professional guitar lessons, such as GuitarTricks and Jamplay, though I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Truefire and LickLibrary as well, but I haven’t had the time to fully examine them yet.

My primary choice is GuitarTricks because if their well-made learning system crafted professionally for beginners, to make their learning as easy and comfortable as possible, while still giving the best training possible on the basics and building a good guitar playing foundation.

Alternatively, you can check out Jamplay as well, which also offer a professional and good system for learning the guitar for beginners, with a big and diverse collection of guitar lessons that you can watch or download (for extra money) and follow along at your own pace, with a custom progress report that you can turn in and get feedback from your guitar instructor.

You want to learn guitar online? These two are your best friends. Learn more about them, get a Free Trial, COUPONS, and a lot more with a click on the button below:

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