If you’re new to the world of guitar playing and are excited about this entire business as much as we are, then we’d say you’ve come to the right place. While you learn to play a guitar like a pro, we’ll help you along the way by telling you what’s best for you and what isn’t.

Today’s discussion is all about guitar picks and in this article we’ll tell you not only how to choose a guitar pick but also about the best one suited to your playing technique.

Guitar picks have a lot of designs and styles and this is one of the main reasons why it becomes rather difficult to find the one best for you. So we bring to you the most comprehensive guitar pick guides you’ve ever and will ever come across on the web.

What is a Guitar Pick?

A guitar pick in layman’s terms is a thin yet solid material which allows you to strum the guitar strings with.

Guitar picks are available in a number of different shapes, styles, sizes and materials and it all depends upon the guitarist as to which pick is best suited to their style of playing.

Why do you Need to Use a Guitar Pick?

There are several reasons why you should use a guitar pick. Some of the most important ones are as follows:


Guitar Picks allow you to play guitar faster


Guitar Picks make guitar playing more accurate


Guitar Picks allow for swifter movements between the strings


Guitar Picks prevent the fingers from getting sore and using one is less abrasive for the fingers when playing for longer periods of time


Guitar Picks are ideal for beginners learning to play

How to Choose the Right Pick?

Here are a few important aspects that you need to understand before you can choose a guitar pick for yourself:

The Size and Thickness of the Pick

There are five different types of guitar pick sizes and thickness that you can choose from; these range from extra thin, extra light, medium, heavy and extra heavy.

Extra thin picks are ideal for delicate music and are preferred more by acoustic guitar players.Extra light picks are best suited for

Extra light picks are best suited for high-quality acoustic guitars and are ideal for strumming. These are also light on the hands and less likely to cause tendinitis.Medium guitar picks are ideal for beginners learning to play the guitar. Heavy guitar picks are best suited for electric guitars while extra heavy picks have an entirely different sound and work best with

Medium guitar picks are ideal for beginners learning to play the guitar.Heavy guitar picks are best suited for electric guitars while extra heavy picks have an entirely different sound and work best with

Heavy guitar picks are best suited for electric guitars while extra heavy picks have an entirely different sound and work best with high-quality electric guitars.

Although different picks produce different sounds, it is usually the preference of the guitarist that determines which pick would work best for them. The thickness however significantly impacts the sound and playing style so it’s better to experiment before purchasing one.

Material of the Pick

Guitar picks can be made from anything including metal and plastic. The best commercial usage picks are made from plastic and are recommended for pros.

Guitar picks can be made from a range of materials some of which can include; nylon, celluloid, xylonite and DuPont Delrin as well. Some of the most popular picks are usually made from either nylon or DuPont Delrin but the choice entirely depends on the guitarist and the type of music they want to product.

However you really need to be careful about the durability, the feel of the pick in your hand and also the sound that the pick gives off before you finalize one.


Guitar picks are available in a number of designs and styles and like everything else; it depends on the player’s preference as to what works best for them. Most commonly guitar picks are available in a tear drop style however there are a number of other designs available in the markets as well as online.

For beginners, the standard tear drop shape works best whereas more professional players can choose from what works best for their fingers and is suited well to their style of playing.

If you really want to experiment with guitar picks, go ahead and take your chance. Although only a small instrument, guitar picks play a very vital role in your individual style of playing a guitar. The best guitar pick for all would be the one that makes them feel comfortable while they play regardless of its shape, size, design, thickness or material.

None of the important factors mentioned above will matter if you aren’t comfortable with your choice of the pick. Therefore it is essential that you try out the various designs available out there before you can make a purchase. After all, it’s all about making good music and your choice of the pick has a very significant impact on what music you will make with your guitar.


While a guitar pick is really just a very small part of the whole picture of playing the guitar, it has a huge impact on the performance of the individual.

The many types, sizes, and materials used to produce these picks, all point to the fact that different styles require different picks.

And the reason that's true, is that the strings vary from one guitar to another (the strings on a classical guitar is nylon, while on electric or acoustic guitar it's steel. Similarly, a jazz guitar might use a different type of strings than that of a rock guitar, and so on)

Other than the strings, the pick can have an impact on your playing technique as well. Some picks are made to give the best performance for strumming, other picks are made for fast alternate picking and so on.

For fast, alternate picking technique, you'd normally want a thicker more rigid pick so you are able to control its movement and direction along the strings of the guitar with maximum easiness and accuracy.

With all that has been said, I still recommend that you experiment with different types and sizes of picks and go for the one that feels best in your hand, and you feel more comfortable playing the guitar with.

Good luck!

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