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If you are a beginner guitarist, or better yet, haven't already started, then you are in the right place.

With us, you will not be getting random guitar lessons and exercises, but instead you will be part of a complete learning system that was developed by a panel of certified, professional guitar instructors, for one purpose only and that is to help you start your journey of learning the guitar in the best way possible and become a better guitarist.

And the best part of it all? You can start immediately, right now, completely free, without any restrictions or conditions.

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And That's Not All!

We know how frustrating it could be to learn guitar alone, or never find the right system or instructor to make learning the guitar easier for you, fun, and most effective.

That's where we come into the picture. We've spent so much time and energy into creating not only a huge database of guitar lessons, exercises, tools, and jamtrax, but more importantly, a step-by-step training system that actually works and leads students who are still new to the instrument to both to have fun and see real progress learning the guitar.

Here, Check Even MORE Free Lessons

In this Campfire Acoustics lesson, you will learn the basic chords and strumming patterns used in most campfire acoustic guitar songs. Very fun and entertaining series of lessons that will help you bring joy and happiness to the group you're camping with, and also make you the most popular person in the group. 🙂


This is an easy intro to Major chords. Learn how to play the A Major chord, easy and simple for beginners.

In that fashion, you will learn all the other basic major chords: B, C, D, E, F and G.

You will build upon this knowledge to also learn the minor chords, sus chords, dim chords, and up to the most advanced chords and chord progression, and how to strum properly to create AWESOME rhythm guitar.


For all the electric guitar and Rock ‘n Roll fans, this lesson is for you.

Get a glimpse into the style of Eddie Van Halen himself, and learn how to imitate his style and sound very similar to him!

In the same fashion, there are plenty other lessons on various bands and artists that you can take and learn their style, such as Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, etc.


The Numbers Speak for Themselves.

Having been established in 1998, this gives us over 18+ years of experience, and enough time and expertise to enhance and tune our amazing learning system for all our dear members.

Our database includes (And NOT limited to):

Plus Guitar Lessons

Plus Song Lessons

Professional Guitar Instructors

Perfect Guitar Training System

In Addition to all the necessary tools that you need for your training such as a metronome, fretboard games, scale identifier, related tablature for every lesson and song, progress tracker for video lessons so you can always come and go whenever you want and be able to get back to any lesson wherever you left, and even get feedback from our top instructors.

Lots of DVDs are also available for purchase, as well as hundreds more jamming and backing tracks that are proven to be effective for practicing and make learning the guitar more interesting and enjoyable..

We Excell at Songs.

We have the biggest collection of song lessons on the web. Not only that, all of our songs are fun to learn, popular, and the big majority are for beginners to intermediate players.

Focusing on the basics and fundamentals of guitar playing is important no doubt, and our system is perfect for delivering exactly that for beginner players, but songs, on the other hand, give you a hundred more reasons to keep on playing, practicing, and never lose motivation. After all, we all want to learn guitar to be able to play our most favorite songs ever! Right?

Here is a small sample of songs you will learn inside:

  • Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Hotel California – Eagles
  • Every Rose Has its Thorn – Poison
  • Silent Night – Holiday Songs
  • Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash
  • La Grange – ZZ Top
  • Cocaine – Eric Clapton
  • Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones
  • Alive – Pearl Jam
  • Malaguena – Classical Guitar

Learn on Your Favorite Guitar

Not restricted to one type of guitars

No matter where your heart is, we've got your covered. Learn on your favorite instrument, whether it's the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar, or even the classical guitar, all from scratch with easy step-by-step lessons with instructors that know their instrument by heart and have immense experience and expertise to guide you all along the way and show you how it's done, so you only have to follow, learn, and improve.

Lessons for the Electric Guitar

Lessons for the Acoustic Guitar

Lessons for the Classical Guitar

And Also, Learn Your Favorite Style and Music Genre

Not restricted to one genre or style of music

Learn classical music techniques and compositions, from J.S Bach to Mozart and Beethoven guitar transcriptions

Learn country music and popular country songs, common chord progressions and tricks used by famous country artists

Learn the blues, get to know the theory behind it, common chord progressions, solos, techniques, and of course popular blues songs

Learn how to play the pentatonic scale and all of its five positions, as well as famous scales and modes used regularly by most rock bands and artists. Start with simple lessons and drills and rock your way to the top.

Jazz is a complex genre, no question about it. However, after you finish the basic training with either Rock, country, or blues, you can move on to learn all about this intriguing genre, all inside the advanced training

It's well known that the best way to learn guitar is through professional guitar lessons. Not only that, the lessons must be in the correct order and difficulty to be as effective as possible, accompanied by hundreds of good exercises, backing tracks, and the tools neccessary to make the experience complete.

In other words – A good, solid, guitar training program.

And we knew that over a decade ago now.

Today, with more than 2 MILLION members, we know for sure that we've succeeded in creating the best online guitar training for beginners up to date. You don't have to take our word for it, just come inside and try it all by yourself completely free.

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If you're a passionate and big guitar lover, and always wanted to begin learning it, this is your opportunity to start. This is the best place to begin.

Nothing beats the feeling of playing your own favorite songs on the guitar, and play them WELL.

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