In this article, we are going to have free jazz guitar lessons, suitable for beginner to intermediate guitar players. These lessons are concluded in 3 simple jazz licks, presented by a professional guitar player and instructor by the name of Thomas Berglund, exclusively to NoviceGuitar and its enthusiast guitarists visitors.

Thomas is a Swedish musician and a guitar teacher, he has played different genres throughout his career in music, such as Jazz, Blues, and Country, but his most loved aspect in music is improvisation, which can be found heavily in Jazz music, as we mentioned in a previous article here about the Jazz (find it HERE).

His intention is to create lessons in various genres, with emphasize on solo scales, fundamental theory, phrasing, and other stuff to develop improvisation.

For more about Thomas Berglund, his contact info, video lessons and website, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

Anyways, let's get this lesson started! Here's the full video demonstration (17:00 minutes long, 3 Jazz licks):


Follow below for Thomas Berglund own interpretation on the video lesson above …

Charlie Christian Jazz Lines/Licks

Here are some lines from Charlie Christian soloing on the tune Solo Flight.
I recommend to listen to Charlie´s great soloing through this tune.
The tune is in the key of C.
He´s playing inside to the chords starting from C major scale in the three first bars.
In the 4th bar he´s doing a nice sweep with the tones D, F, A, D to E. He continues with a C6 arpeggio on C and a C# diminished arpeggio on C#7dim chord and finish the lines with chromatic tones in the Dm dorian scale and a arpeggio on the G9 chord!

Charlie Christian Lines

Download these tabs (PDF) here: Charlie Christian Lines_From Solo Flight

Wes Montgomery Jazz Licks/Lines

The lines from Wes Montgomery comes from his soloing to the tune Misty when he´s playing with Wynton Kelly trio.
The tune is in the key of G.
He´s staring the soloing with a soulful lick in the G major pentatonic scale to the Gmaj7 chord and continue with the same idea in the C major pentatonic scale on the D minor chord since it´s C major key and playing altered tones with the same rhythmic idea to the G7 chord.
Then he´s playing C major scale on the Cmaj7 chord and C melodic minor on the Cm/F7 chords and finished the lines with a chromatic phrase to the Gmaj7 chord.

Wes Montgomery Lines

Download the tabs (PDF) here: Wes Montgomery Lines_From Misty

George Benson Jazz Licks/Lines

These lines from George Benson are coming from the tune Billies Bounce, that´s a Charlie Parker tune. When playing in Benson´s tempo the lines are quite advanced but start practice in a slower tempo and built it up in time. The blues is in the key of F.
He´s starting the chorus with a short lick using the major pentatonic scale in F. Next he´s playing some bluesy lines using the tones // Root (F) – major 2nd (G) – minor 3rd (Ab) – perfect 5th (C) and major 6th (D) //. These five tones are great to do bluesy lines and they works through the whole blues chorus. On Am7/D7 he´s using the chord tones to playing inside the chords and on the Gm7/C7 he mix the F major scale (G minor dorian/C7 mixolydian) with some chromatic tones and a surprising D triad on Gm that sounds great in context. He finishes the lines with a very nice minor to major lick related to the key of F.

George Benson Lines

Download it here (PDF): George Benson Lines_From Billies Bounce

Where to go from here

The above licks presented by Thomas Berglund, are considered beginner to intermediate level, and demonstrate a good example of Jazz on the guitar. If you feel they're a bit hard, that's okay, Jazz is not simple play, but certainly is a very rich and sophisticated genre of music.

Start by splitting the lines to parts, each part play slowly and develop speed gradually, until you reach the point where you can play all the pieces with the correct tempo comfortably. Using a metronome here can be very useful and make you practice more efficiently. A metronome is also one of the best tools to develop speed and accuracy gradually on the guitar.

A Q/A interview with Nino Helfrich (a great progressive instrumental rock and metal guitarist) that discusses the topic of speed and accuracy on the guitar with the help of a metronome, can be found here: Speed and Accuracy

Soundbrenner Pulse is a cool new metronome that is Bluetooth enabled and wearable, and works on vibrations rather than “clicks” in your ear. Highly recommended, check my review here.

For more online lessons and courses, check the reviews page here on online guitar teaching programs: Courses and Lessons

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For everything else, you are free to leave a comment below with your opinion, feedback, or anything you want to say to me or to Thomas, we'll be more than happy to answer all your questions and assist you with everything related to guitars and playing.

Good luck and have fun!

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