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Company Name: Elmore Music



Elmore Music offer a wide variety of courses in the format of DVDs and CDs, and if you buy a membership from them, you can watch any course that you want online, no restrictions.

Contrary to most of the other online guitar lessons websites, Elmore Music rely only on one instructor for all their guitar lessons, but that instructor is, John, is a C.F Martin Profssional artist, and endorsed by companies like Minarik Guitars, Black Diamond Strings, and Pendel Guitar Accessories, so the credibility is there …

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  • Learning System
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Quality (Lessons, Instructors)
  • Song Lessons
  • Diversity (Lessons for different styles, genres, and guitar types)
  • Trustworthy (Reputation and endorsement)
  • Safe (Money-back guarantee, free trial)

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