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I'm pretty positive that the majority of us guitarists, has been influenced by several bands and artists that eventually have led to us picking up the guitar and wanting to learn it so eagerly. The good news is, most of the songs by these same bands and artists, that we have so dearly cherished and loved, are actually easy guitar songs for beginners and up to the intermediate level guitarist, and you can pick them up and start practicing them right after your first few lessons on the guitar.

You don't have to play the whole song, or try to play it exactly the way it is, you can take for example the intro of a song (like the acoustic intro for Nothing Else Matters, an excellent choice) and only play that part, and come back later when you feel more ready to practice the song's arpeggios or lead guitarist's solo. You can also choose to play the song as chords even though it's meant to be arpeggiated (like House of The Rising Sun).

All these options are valid options as long as you feel comfortable playing a song in a certain way. You can always improve upon it or add more parts to the song as you become better with time.

The following songs are my personal top five easy beginner songs to play on the guitar, there are plenty more I can think of that suits this description, but for now I'll leave it here and suffice with five songs.

You can leave a comment below if you have more easy songs that you think are worth mentioning so I will either add them up here and expand this list, or create another post and put them in it. Either ways, would love to hear your opinion about my choice of these five songs, and whether you agree with me or not. Enjoy!


Nothing Else Matters – Metallica


Yep, this was probably one of the first songs that you were aiming to learn when you started to play the guitar. At least it was for me. The song is incredibly beautiful and awesome, it's probably the most popular song by Metallica, and dare I say, maybe one of the most popular songs in the rock-metal music world. It makes use of different guitar techniques, including: Arpeggios for the intro, and quite honestly for the entire song as well (by Kirk Hammet), chords and power chords by the lead singer and rhythm guitarist (James Hatefeild), and a screaming loud outro solo that as much as it is beautiful, it is also very easy to play. You can practice it on your classical/acoustic guitar, and play mainly the arpeggios and chords parts, or pick the electric guitar and play the power chords and the solo. No matter what guitar you have, you can play this song, and should. Trust me, two months into playing the guitar, and you will be able to play this song around people and friends, and they will go crazy about you. The perfect beginner song in my opinion.

Tab file (htm/txt): Nothing Else Matters

Let it Be – The Beatles


This is a classical hit by the famous band of the 60's and 70's, The Beatles. This song makes for a perfect practice song for chords and vocals (if you're a singer as well). It's a very beautiful song, both in melody and lyrics, and you can easily pick up the guitar and start playing its chords and hum the lyrics or sing it from day one. Highly recommended for beginners or as a fun song to play around a campfire with friends.

Tab file (htm/txt): Let it Be

Redemption Song – Bob Marley


Redemption Song is one of the most popular songs ever done by the legendary Jamaican Reggae singer Bob Marley, and one of his greatest songs as well. As most Marley's work, the song is rich with historical references, and empowered by political, revolutionary intent. Marley in this song urges the listeners to embrace freedom, the freedom of the mind, because whilst one can be “physically” free, if he haven't developed his mind enough to the point of free and independent thinking, he will stay a slave to the man who did develop and use his mind. No one can free your mind but yourself.

Tab file (htm/txt): Redemption Song

Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton


This song shouldn't be your first song to play, but it's easy enough to be played as a bit more advanced beginner. The song is very emotional and it's one of the songs that might leave you in tears, especially after you discover the meaning or the reason behind Eric Clapton composing and playing it. He wrote it for his lost son Conor, after he fell from 53-rd floor in an apartment in New York. You can feel the loss and the pain that Eric Clapton have felt regarding the incident with his son in this song. The song was kept private to Eric Clapton until he decided to publish it as the soundtrack for the movie Rush (1991). This song is perfect to practice basic fingerpicking techniques, while still enjoying one of the greatest songs that Eric Clapton has composed.

Tab file (htm/txt): Tears in Heaven

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana


No matter where you live in the world, you have probably heard this song at least once or have danced on it in some rock club or a live tribute performance. This can easily be considered one of the most famous rock songs in the history of the genre. As much as it's famous, it is also very easy, and fun to play, especially with a band! It mainly consist of a few easy to play power chords, and a 2-notes solo filling throughout the verses, and that's about it. Very easy to play, very entertaining to perform with a band, and perfect to relief some stress off your chest, lose yourself in the madness of the song, forget about everything else in life and just focus on the music. A great guitar experience that even a total beginner guitarist can have. This song, does indeed smells like teen spirit. Give it a try!

Tab file (htm/txt): Smells Like Teen Spirit

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