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Hi everyone, I'm Elias, and I've been a music fan since forever.Me in Mearat ha Keshet resized 30 and cropped

At age 15 I started learning an instrument called “Oud“. It's a fretless, string-based Arabic instrument similar to the guitar. I started off with a brilliant teacher that he as well – carries a lot of passion to music, specifically oriental arabic music, and he's skilled with a variety of instruments, including the Oud of course, the violin, and more.

Not much time went by playing and studying this beautiful instrument, in the most conventional way – from the very basics of music theory, timing and periods, how to read musical notes, oriental scales and how they are constructed, and all this stuff (you can say, I started off with a good foundation on the instrument, and was well educated on music overall and music theory) – until I got to discover the guitar, and have quickly managed to develop affinity and passion towards it.

I could remember Metallica was the very first rock/metal oriented band to ever listen to, and it became my first influence to ever encourage me into starting to play the guitar, and wanting to rock hard like they do. Me and some of my best friends used to regularly gather around in one of our homes, put some Metallica music on, turn the volume up to the maximum, and start headbanging until we get exhausted. The good old days …

This is my Oud:

My Oud

My Oud

After nearly two years of playing and learning the Oud, and been to few music TV shows and some local radio interviews, my teacher sent me along with my band to a music camp, that gathered many types of musicians and players with different instruments. There was the Cello, the Violin, and of course, the Classical Guitar.

Prior to that I have already bought my first classical guitar as the Oud helped me develop a great sense of understanding and love to music overall, but particularly, to string-based instruments, especially the guitar, So I already had some basic knowledge about the guitar. But it was on that music camp that I met some outstanding people and guitar players that I was lucky enough to observe and watch and simply get so inspired. It was a period of time I will never forget.

The camp was simply astonishing. There were many events, classes and sessions that went on on a daily basis, challenges and competitions, I loved it. I used to attend the guitar class every day, and I can still remember – just like it happened yesterday – the exact same composition that they've showcased, and practiced day after day. It was a classical masterpiece by Bach called Fugue in A Minor. I was simply captivated by this piece of art and I didn't care if it was for advanced players, I just wanted to learn it and play it no matter what. So, after I went home, I did not waste a single moment. I looked up the tabs, and started practicing immediately. After some while, and although I was a beginner at that time, with all my stubbornness and perseverance, I managed to play the first three pages fairly well and I was very satisfied with myself! I still have the printed tabs with me. Such a nostalgia looking back at them today, here they are:

Fugue tabs

My passion to music never died. Despite my occupation today is electrical engineering, and I work in a company full time job, I still find the time to listen to music and play my instruments.

Music is the food of the soul“.

It should be clear now, that I simply love music. I love Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classic, but in all honesty, the classical nostalgic rock n roll music is my love and passion. You name it, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Queen, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Dire Straits, Ozzy Osbourne, and more …

I can remember my very first complete song that I played on the guitar, it was a song called Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton. And boy I played it a lot. I loved it. I still hold my guitar today and strum the notes of this song passionately and never get bored.

So, after this small introduction about me and my passion to music and guitars, what is my intent to do with this site here?

I want to share with you my wide experience and knowledge in music and guitars, every tip and advice that I could think of, and simply use all of that to write for you useful and good quality articles, review products and services and give you my opinion on them, either recommended or should avoid, and showcase everything you need to know about them, and most importantly, I'm open for all kinds of discussions or feedback, or any questions you might have. In every article you can add your own opinion, in the comments section in the bottom, I definitely would love to hear it and discuss any music or guitar-related topic with you.

Why? simple. Because I believe music is important. Important to the soul, and to one's mental health. it can change people positively, and help create a better, healthier, more peaceful personality. And everyone should be able to do it without spending fortunes and worrying about bank balances.

So stick around, follow up on the content of the website, and enjoy your stay here. If you need anything or any kind of help, you can contact me by posting a comment or via email (Elias@noviceguitar.com) and I will get back to you soon as possible.

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Best of luck! …

–  Elias Jireis, Admin of Noviceguitar.com

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