• Product Type: Drum Pedal
  • Company/Team: Singular Sound
  • PriceVaries depending on holidays (black friday, labor day, etc) from 150$ – 300$. Click the amazon link below to check.
  • Best place to buy: Amazon, Click here to get it!Beatbuddy
  • Rating: 4.8/5



Singular Sound Beatbuddy is simply a drum machine pedal that is aimed mainly for guitarists, though it can be used by anyone else as well, for the purpose of inserting realistic beats and drum tracks into your play, much like a drums backing track.

If you are a beginner and new to the guitar world, a pedal (guitar pedal), is that little device you see on the ground, that guitarists use by tapping on it with their foot, to alter the output sound of the guitar.

Now, usually, a guitar pedal is a device that changes the sound coming from your guitar, by producing and adding all sorts of effects to your guitar sound, such as Wah-me effect (most common), Flanger, and more, depending on the type of your pedal.

Some guitar amplifiers come build-in with all these effects, and they are usually more expensive than the standard simple guitar amplifier that you would normally get as a beginner, which doesn't include many effects other than the clean, gain and maybe few more knobs to play around with.

This pedal, though, is different and is one of a kind, because contrary to the definition of the guitar pedal above, this pedal doesn't add “guitar effects”, but instead, it adds drum beats in a fashion that resembles a real precise drum player. Continue reading below …



The Beatbuddy Drum Machine Pedal that comes from the startup team Singular Sound, is the first drum machine incorporated as a pedal. Aside from the amazing sound quality that the typical drum machines lack, the pedal allows for full hands-free and creative control over the beats. It wouldn't be inaccurate to say that, it pretty much resembles your personal drummer, with over 200 songs in 21 genres that you have complete control over.

By taping the pedal with your foot, you can control the beats, from the intro, to the verse of the song, to the chorus, in addition to all kinds of transitions and fills to make it sound all realistic and cool. Here is a video demonstration below that showcase the basic use of this pedal for beginners:




The Beatbuddy drum machine come with many features and additions that you can utilize to add more control over the beats:

  • Comes with an SD card loaded with all the mentioned songs and drum sets
  • 3 knobs that control:
    • Volume – increase or decrease the volume of the beats
    • Drum Set – choose one of the drum sets already saved in the device's SD card
    • Tempo – to control the speed of the beats that you want to play

Outputs and Inputs:

  • Phones Output – to connect with your personal headphone
  • Stereo Input/Output – includes R(Right) and L(Left)(Mono), and …
  • Midi Sync – for easy integration with any stereo and Rec device.
  • Footswitch – the ability to connect a 2-buttons device called footswitch, to further control your Beatbuddy. The footswitch might be mandatory to some, and costs additional money, I will elaborate on the footswitch shortly below, continue readying
  • Mixer and Microphone – you can connect it to an external mixer or connect a microphone, and you can control the volume of each device connected to it.

For a more in-depth look into the Beatbuddy pedal, and an overview, including a guitar player playing along with the beatbuddy as an example and showcase of the product, can be found in the video below (6 minutes):



This device is highly recommended, even if it costs additional money, because it allows for more control capabilities that, some people might consider them mandatory. It includes two buttons that perform the following:

  1. A button that adds accent hits whenever you tap it, to further customize your beats
  2. And a second button that simply pause and un-pause the song coming from the Beatbuddy, and can switch songs without having to bend over and select it from the display.

In the video below, you will see Ana Mancini playing the guitar along with the Beatbuddy, while creatively utilizing the Footswitch during the song. The Footswitch part starts at second 26 of the video, check it below:




So far the product seems really cool and fantastic, and useful for many musicians and in many situations. Still, there are few things that I think you should consider.

In my honest opinion, the pros and cons that I see in this product is as follows:


  1. The first pedal that works as a drum pedal ever.
  2. High number of purchases with substantial number of positive real, customer reviews. That is important!
    amazon reviews rating
  3. The sound of the drums and beats is very realistic and “humane” (like a real human playing), and sound really good. So you don't have to worry about it being too artificial and not give you the satisfaction that you need.
  4. Huge collection of songs, genres and drum sets already included with the product, so you just plug and play after you get it, without worrying of setting up and copying.
  5. Very versatile product, as you can download additional songs and drum sets, and good control with the addition of the Footswitch device that allows to add accents and pause the song whenever you want. Technically, the possibilities here are unlimited!
  6. Midi Sync – you can connect external Midi devices to further customize your beats play, or even add your own songs and beats! Examples to this are:
    1. You can create your own beats and drum patterns from an external computer software (such as Fruity Loops), and import them into the beatbuddy!
    2. You can use and utilize apps such as OnSong to arrange your playlists and drum patterns.Beatbuddy plus Footswitch
  7. Includes a software, Beatbuddy manager, that you can use to manage your beats and songs (as, to set X beat to “Intro”, Y beat to “Verse 1”, Z beat to “Verse 3” etc ..)
  8. With all the regular updates to the firmware and enhancements done that makes this product even better, there are Infinite possibilities!
  9. EXTRA: Can be used as a metronome. Play the standard 4/4 drum beats and practice your tempo with any speed that you want!



  1. The footswitch, the additional device that you might feel “mandatory” to you, costs additional money (around 50$). Would have preferred it was included in the package because of its high importance. Buy it with the Beatbuddy here: Click here, or buy it standalone here: Click here.
  2. Very few complained about a small display, but that is understandable since the design concept was clearly to create a small sized simple to use “pedal”. You wouldn't expect a 15inch screen from a pedal now would you?
  3. Can't pause or finish the song immediately, rather, have to wait for an “Outro” drum roll to finish – FIXED with the Footswitch. Those who complained about this, did not buy the Footswitch. To their defense though, as I mentioned above, the Footswitch should be INCLUDED and come with one package, for the same price. Just my opinion (debatable).
  4. The software included don't have the ability to modify, customize, or create beats. Only manage them.
  5. Additional beats and drum sets costs more money
  6. I honestly believe that the price could be a little lower for this device.



All in all, the product is amazing and versatile. Can be useful and utilized by any kind of musician. A guitarist, singer and songwriter, or anyone who might be needing a beat. Although having some disadvantages, but that's the case with any product, they all have pros and cons, and the pros of this product highly out-weight the cons in my opinion, for being innovative for start, for creating the first device of its kind – Pedal drum machine, and for creating it with so little flaws, and so many features and capabilities, while still maintaining an overall high quality product and quality sound.

amazong customer review simple beats

All this as only a startup company, I'd say they deserve all the respect and appreciation that they could get, no doubt about it. They've done a really good job, and they win my support.

Would I buy it? the answer is yes, definitely. It's on my wishlist at the moment. I always loved playing with a backing track or with a beat, and this one delivers that, with a whole lot more.

My final rating: 4.8/5

Buy it from amazon below:


If you have any suggestions or feedback to give regarding the Beatbuddy or any of its features, or you have a different opinion, I'd love to hear about it in the comment section below or by sending me an email.

Good luck and enjoy!

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