Learn to Play on the Guitar for Beginners

We'll show you how you can learn to play on the guitar online, by yourself, using one of our top two online guitar lessons programs.

There are a lot of good options out there, but when it comes to professionalism, quality, beginner-friendly, and price, we found out that nothing beats GuitarTricks and Jamplay.


The training, of course, is ALL-INCLUSIVE:

  • Learn all about the chords, chord progression, strumming, and rhythm
  • Learn any music style and genre, on any guitar type
  • Focused lessons on all the guitar techniques: Alternate picking, sweep picking, vibrato, bending, legato, fingerstyle picking, tapping, etc.
  • Learn how to improvise
  • General music theory and genre-specific music theory
  • A wide selection of song lessons with tabs and notes, to make learning much more enjoyable
  • And much, much more …
Learn with GuitarTricksLearn with Jamplay

Who Are We?

Novice Guitar is a professional reviews site with a rich guitar blog full of incredible information about the guitar instrument and learning how to play the guitar.

Our goal here is to guide beginners to the right path of learning the guitar using our thorough reviews and research of the available options online.

Of all the methods and products that claim to teach the guitar, we highly recommend a professional guitar training website. We reviewed quite a bunch, and we'll show you which ones we think are the best, and which are better to avoid.

You are more than welcomed to check our guitar blog for any info related to guitar or contact us if you have any questions.


A Little Overview …

In the past, the ONLY way to learn how to play the guitar was to pay a professional instructor a great amount of money, hoping he teaches you everything he got in his bag of tricks so you could master the instrument, just like him.

Today, you can still do that, but considering the available options we have today through the internet alone, you can learn the guitar much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In my honest opinion, learning the guitar with a private guitar teacher is STILL the best and ultimate way to learn the instrument, however, only after the advanced level where it gets really difficult and you start learning all the complicated stuff. At that stage, only a good private teacher would be able to give you the necessary tools, material, and feedback, to progress through to the next, expert levels.

But for beginner to late intermediate-advanced levels, it is much more economic, efficient, and faster to get into a good online guitar lessons program with less than 20$ a month, dozens of real professionals in your arsenal ready to help, and thousands of guitar lessons on just about anything related to guitar that you could imagine.

Both GuitarTricks and Jamplay offer an incredible learning environment for beginner guitarists to learn the guitar online, at home, at their own pace.

With dozens of professional guitar instructors and thousands of guitar lessons, song lessons, artist-specific lessons, and lessons on techniques, music theory, improvisation, and even songwriting and composing music, these programs have won the votes and support of not only respected magazines and companies like Guitar Wold and Premier Guitar, but also the millions of past and current members and guitarists.

More Economic

Less than 20$ a month

More Efficient

Learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace

Much Faster

Get better results in less time

See the Full Reviews for Both Jamplay and GuitarTricks Below


Founded in 1998, GuitarTricks is actually one of the first companies to ever introduce the concept of online guitar lessons.

GuitarTricks has the most number of active subscribers among its competitors (A staggering number of over 2 Million members!), and it is really a behemoth of guitar lessons, with over 11,000+ streamed video guitar lessons fully available to all subscribers on every guitar topic, genre, and style, and more than 600 song lessons so learning is much more interesting and enjoyable, especially after the huge emphasize that they put into their Core Learning System to help beginners establish and strengthen their playing and technical foundation on the guitar.

GuitarTricks offer additional tools and DVDs to further compliment your guitar training, as well as hundreds of jamming and guitar backing tracks to use while you practice or simply play for fun in your spare time.


Jamplay is another behemoth for online guitar lessons, with one of the best learning systems and content (Quality-wise) in the business.

Founded back in 2006, Jamplay constantly tries to introduce new and better content for their members, including whatever new technology might bring. For example, Jamplay started doing multi-angled high-res streamed video lessons and DVDs in 4k, so you could immerse yourself even more with the lessons!

Despite being the newest in the business, Jamplay is growing at an amazing speed, thanks to its professional team and guitar instructors that listen to and take care of the students' needs all the time.

Its current number of active subscribers ranges between 450k – 500k


The professional guitar masterclass (Course by udemy)

This course costs around 200$ in Udemy (But it's almost always on ~80-90% OFF sale – Typical Udemy behaviour).

When on sale, this course is a GREAT addition to your guitar training arsenal considering the amount and quality of the material put into it by the isntructor Michael Palmisano.

This single course is focused heavily on the electric guitar, and music theory – Scales, modes, chords and chord progressions.

It also teaches techniques to master the electric guitar fretboard and play more freely anywhere around it, plus insigh into the CAGED system.

Elmore Music

Elmore Music is a company that offers guitar training in two ways: Buy individual guitar courses with a fixed price, or buy a subscription so you can stream all their courses as much as you like, as long as you are subscribed.

Compared to giants like GuitarTricks and Jamplay, Elmore Music has less content to offer, less diversity, and much less versatility in terms of what you can do inside the membership area other than streaming the courses.

However, the membership price is lower (And understandably so), and if you're looking to buy some courses or DVDs, this could be a great place for you.

The guitar tutor (Called John, one single guitar teacher for the whole program) has some great credentials: A C.F Martin professional artist with endorsements from institutes like Minarik Guitars and Black Diamond Strings.

Lick Library

Lick Library is a great website to shop for guitar instructional DVDs, as well as backing tracks and jamming DVDs.

Actually, Lick Library started off as a company that only produces guitar backing tracks DVDs and was initially named Total Accuracy back then, and founded by two guitarists Stuart Bull and Kim Waller.

Later on, they discovered the potential behind the market of online guitar lessons and they quickly started producing lessons either as an addition to the backing tracks DVDs or as single instructional guitar DVDs presented by professional tutors.

They too made it available to subscribe for a membership so you are able to stream the DVD lessons, along with their huge selection of exclusive backing tracks.


Truefire is a huge online guitar training and lessons company.

It caters more to the advanced audience as a lot of their courses and DVDs are done by greats such as Steve Vai and Tommy Emmanuel with not much focus on the “how to” or presenting technical instructions with a slow step-by-step fashion.

Nevertheless, these courses contain great insights and philosophy for those who'd love to learn more behind the minds of these greats and try to understand music and instrument playing in a more “out-of-the-box” kind of thinking.

So for beginners, not much recommended. For advanced players, you might find some interesting content there to keep you busy for months.


Guitar books and songbooks is another good way to enhance the experience of your learning or add more fun to it.

They come in a variety of types, songbooks come filled with tablature and notes of songs mostly in one specific genre/style, instructional books contain mostly exercise material and information on how to improve your technique, and there are also the general information books, such as the Guitar Handbook, which talks about the guitar and its origin and how it works in a more general, broad way.

The good thing about books, is that they're really inexpensive! Some of the best books out there can be obtained for less than 8-10$ each and they bring a LOT of learn-worthy material for every guitarist.

Our Ultimate Beginners' Guide

We've compiled a big, awesome guide on how to play the guitar for beginners, and it got everything a guitar beginner needs to know, from the correct mindset to the importance of setting goals, what beginner gear and guitar to buy, how to practice efficiently, and a lot more.

If you're just starting out and you feel a bit lost, we strongly recommend you to go and read our guitar beginners' guide, it'll give you an overall idea of the whole process of learning the guitar, and will tell you where to go and what to do every step of the way.

We've even added infographics and a “Goals” pdf document for you to download along with the practicing schedule PDF that you get for subscribing to our mailing list.

Elias Jireis

Elias Jireis

Admin, Founder.

Hello, my name is Elias and I'm the founder of Novice Guitar here.

My passion for music started early in the teenage years, around the age of 14 to be precise.

My first instrument was an oriental one called the Oud, which is a stringed instrument similar to the guitar, but come with 6 double strings (Like the 12 strings acoustic guitars) as default.

After a few years of training with a private tutor 1-on-1 on the Oud, I picked up the classical guitar and started learning on it all by myself using the knowledge and oriental mentality that I acquired learning on the Oud, and by downloading tablature and using Guitar Pro to teach myself some of my favorite tunes, as well as listening and watching other professionals play.

Sooner after that, I picked up the electric guitar as well, my first electric guitar I can't remember its name, but currently, I have a Jackson with a 30V Vyper Peavy amplifier.

Since then, my passion and love for music and guitars never ended, wich led me to create this website with a mission to guide beginner guitarists learn how to play the guitar in the best and most efficient way possible.

Have any questions? Want to give us your feedback? Contact us below!

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